The following information on the Holmes family has been contributed by Bud Wilson - for which we owe great thanks.


born 1784/5, died 26th Nov 1873 in Hackney, married William FIGGIS

Jane Ester FIGGIS, born in 1807, married James Gibbons WILSON, son of Gibbon(s) Wilson, on 25th November 1828 in St Peter’s Church, Dublin.  James’ witness was William Figgis, and Jane’s, Richard Wilson. When James died Jane went to live in England with her children. She emigrated to Tasmania around 1863 where she lived for 5 years before moving to the State of Victoria.  She was living in Queenscliff, in Hesse Street, when she died on 22nd December 1902, aged 94 and 10 months.  She is buried in Queenscliff Cemetery. Jane & James had eight children :

Richard WILSON

James Gibbons WILSON, born in 1833 in Dublin, Ireland.  James appears in the 1851 Census, living in Hackney, England, with his widowed mother, his brothers and sister, and his grandmother, Maria Figgis. He was an attorney’s clerk.  He married Violette Harriet SAGGERS(born 1846) in Westbury Tasmania in 1868.  James died in 1910.  They had 5 daughters :

Edith Mary WILSON, born in Ballarat, Victoria in 1869

Maria Maud WILSON, born State of Victoria in 1873

Martha Eleanor WILSON, born in Ballarat, Victoria in 1874

Elsie WILSON, born State of Victoria in 1878

Emily Jane WILSON, born State of Victoria in 1884

Alfred Benjamin WILSON, was born in Dublin, Ireland on 18th July 1836, christened in St Peter’s Church, Dublin, on 8th August 1836.  He married Flora (Sarah Anne) HUNT. She was born in 1850 in Morven, Tasmania,daughter of William HUNT & Fanny née MASON (marriage in Launceston, Tasmania in 1845).  The family moved to Victoria around 1888/89 and started an apple orchard business in Red Hill and Main Ridge.  Alfred died 30th April 1926, aged 89, in Dromana, Victoria.  His wife died on 17th September 1931, aged 81.    They had 6 children :

Bernard Francis WILSON, born in Launceston, Tasmania on 6th February 1879 and died 19th July 1916, aged 37.  He married Mary Jane KELLERT, born in 1882 in Melbourne, in 1912 in Victoria.  She died in 1968, aged 86.  They had no children.

Gervase Mason WILSON, born in Launceston, Tasmania on 17th June 1880.  He was Private in the 3rd (Bushmen’s) Contingent in the Boer War.  He married Jane Christina GRAVES in 1908 in Victoria, Australia.  Jane was the youngest daughter of Charles GRAVES and his wife Jane née WHITE, born 1875.  The WHITE family came from Templemore, Tipperary, Ireland and emigrated to Australia in the 1840s.  They settled in Sorrento
Gervase continued his father’s apple orchard business. (His grandson still runs the one remaining orchard today …)  Jane died in 1951 and Gervase died on 11th September 1965. They had two children:

Reginald WILSON, born 1909 at Snapper Point, Victoria
Jane Isabella WILSON, born 22nd November 1913 in Red Hill, Victoria. Jane married Eric Lloyd HEMPHILL on 7th December 1940, in Victoria.  Eric died, aged 45, in March 1957 and Jane died on 26th January 1999, aged 85.   They had three children.

Reginald James WILSON, born in Launceston, Tasmania on 17th July 1881.  He married Isola MILLER, born about 1895. Reginald died about 1970,aged 88.

Raymond Figgis WILSON, born in Launceston, Tasmania on 18th October 1882.   He married Julia BARGER on 18th October 1910 in the Government Registry Office in Melbourne.  Julia, the eldest of four children,  was born on 12th November 1883 to William Barger & Harriet née Kelynack in Bridgewater on Loddon, Victoria. Raymond was firstly a farmer in Punty Lane, Shoreham before becoming a fitter with T. Robertson’s Harvester Factory in Spotswood.
Julia died on 26th June 1976, aged 92 and Raymond died on 15th April 1979, aged 96.  They are both buried in Cheltenham Cemetery, with Raymond’s brother Lancelot.  They had 6 children :

Mildred Irene WILSON, born on 13th February 1912, in Dromana, Victoria.  She married James Arthur NOONAN on 20th March 1933 in Footscray, Victoria. James was born in Footscray on  2nd April 1911 and died on 10th December 1991, aged 80.  Mildred died on 1st January 2003, aged 90. She is buried in Mornington Cemetery.     They had one daughter.

Howard Reginald WILSON, born on 5th October 1918 in West Footscray, Victoria.  He married Ruth COOK, born on 4th May 1922, in the Church of England, Yarraville, Victoria on 18th October 1940.  Ruth died on 2nd April 1985, aged 62.  Howard died on 23rd December 2000, aged 82.  He was cremated in Springvale.  They had five children.

Gertrude Nancy WILSON, born November 1920 in Footscray, Victoria, died 17th February 1921 of meningitis and is buried in Footscray.

Bernard William WILSON, born 14 Hotham Street, Seddon, Victoria on 24th May 1923.  He married Dorothy Hilda BROWN on 27th October 1945 in Paisley Street Baptist Church, Footscray.  Dorothy was born on 2nd  April 1924 in Kensington, Victoria.  They have three children.

Beryl June WILSON, born 14 Hotham Street, Seddon, Victoria in June 1925.  Beryl died on 24th  May 1926 and is buried in Footscray.

Reginald Geoffrey WILSON, born 19th April 1927, Hotham Street, Seddon, Victoria.  He married Isobel Florence JONES on 28th February 1953, in the Methodist Church, Bayview Rd, Yarraville.  They have three children.

Beatrice Mabel WILSON, born in Launceston, Tasmania on 8th July 1887.  She died on 29th  March 1904, aged 16.

Lancelot Harold WILSON, born on 10th September 1888, in Mentone, Victoria.  He died on 6th December 1889 and is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.


Annie Jane WILSON, born around 1842 in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.


Edmund Johnston WILSON, born around 1846 in Dublin, Ireland.  He married Jane Mary HAMMET in 1873 in Digger, Victoria.
        Edmund died in 1921 aged 75.  They had 4 children :

Reginald Wentworth WILSON, born in Ballan, Victoria in 1874

Vivian Stuart WILSON, born State of Victoria in 1876.  Died 1953

Clement Percival WILSON, born in Ballan, Victoria in 1878

Muriel Daley WILSON, born State of Victoria in 1884.  Died 1972


Samuel Figgis Branch

Samuel FIGGIS, born around 1816 in Ireland. In the 1841 census Samuel is a "Merchant", living in Islington. He married Sarah SMITH 7th March 1843, St Alphage, London. Sarah was baptised on 7th February 1819, St Alphage, daughter of Benjamin Smith & Anne nee Chaplin. (Her brother Benjamin Smith probably married Samuel's sister Anne Figgis in August 1843 in the same church. Benjamin Smith & Anne Figgis' daughter Anna Maria Figgis married her cousin, another Samuel Figgis, the son of John Figgis & Elizabeth Bradley) Samuel & Sarah emigrated to Australia, State of Victoria, on the Severn, arriving November 1852, with their sons Benjamin, William Harold, Charles and their daughter Clara. They lived in Gregory Street, Ballarat. Samuel Figgis died in September 1879, aged 66, and is buried in the New Cemetery, Norman Street, Ballarat, Privd section 13, grave 13. Sarah died in April 1893, aged 74. She was residing in Geelong. She is buried with her husband. They had seven children :

[1] Benjamin Johnston FIGGIS, born 2nd quarter 1844 in Hackney, died 1902, married Janet Eskdale BROWN in 1868, State of Victoria. Janet died aged 69 on 26th November 1915 at "Cluden", St Kilda. She is buried in Brighton Cemetery, Melbourne, Plot J97. (Janet's mother was nee Johnston(e) They had seven children :

Arthur Johnston FIGGIS, born 1869, married Ada Jane STEPHENS in 1894. Ada died in 1947, aged 79. Arthur died in Canterbury in 1960, aged 91. They had five children :

Samuel Douglas FIGGIS, born in Balaclava, Victoria. Died in World War I at Anzac, on 10th August 1915, buried in Beach Cemetery Address of parents at the time : "Highbury", Wattle Valley Rd, Canterbury.

Harold Arthur FIGGIS, born 1897. He died in 1982

Alan Macgillicuddy FIGGIS, born 1899, in Balaclava, Victoria. (Ada Jane's mother was nee Macgillicuddy). Alan died on 22 October 1988, aged 89. His ashes were scattered in Fawkner Crematorium & Memorial Park.

Hope Goodshaw FIGGIS, 1903 - 1981. He married Frances Arona THOMAS in 1930, they had a son :

Robert Thomas FIGGIS, born 19th December 1931, died 25th July 1981

Kathleen Margaret FIGGIS, born 1907, died in 1983

Edwin Clement FIGGIS, born 1870

Winifrid Janet FIGGIS, born 1873. Died 1875. She was buried on 1 February 1875 in the New Cemetery in Ballarat, in the same grave as her grandparents.

Alice Mary FIGGIS, born 1874. She died in Caulfield in 1947, aged 72. She married Charles Herbert KERRY in 1897. They had seven children :

Donovan Johnstone KERRY, born 1898

Marjorie Wallace KERRY, born 1899.

Kathleen KERRY, born 1900. She died in 1978, aged 77. She married HORTON

Janet Elizabeth KERRY, born 1901

May Constance KERRY, born 1903

Beryl Mary KERRY, born 1906

Herbert Figgis KERRY, born 1 November 1910 in St Kilda, Victoria

Sarah Constance, born 1877. She married William Robert WEST in 1905.

Samuel, born 1881

Clara Agnes, born 1883. She died in 1966, aged 83. She married Percy Renoden MATTHEWS in 1906. They had two children :

Honor Clara Janet MATTHEWS, born 1907

Norman Percy Figgis MATTHEWS, born 26 January 1911 in Echuca.

[2] William Harold FIGGIS, born 1846 in Hackney, died 1932, in Ballarat aged 85. He was buried on 26 September 1932 in the New Cemetery in Ballarat, Privf section 1, row 2, grave 6. William married Maria DEAR in 1871 in Hobart , Tasmania. They lived in Ligar Street, Ballarat. (William's Will has been found in Hobart 1933 ...) Maria died in Ballarat in July 1942, aged 94 and was cremated in Fawkner Crematorium. She is buried with her husband in Ballarat. (Maria's spinster sister, Sarah DEAR, also lived in Ligar St, and is buried in the same grave, 3 November 1928, aged 87.)

[3] Charles Douglas FIGGIS, died 1895, State of Victoria, Australia. Charles was an architect. He married Zillah Ann PRICE in 1878. She died in 1939. They had three children :

Ruby Kate, born 1879 - 1930, State of Victoria, Australia

Charles Samuel born 1882, died 1896

Irene Sarah, born 1886, died in 1976

[4] Clara Elizabeth FIGGIS, born 1851 Camberwell, London. She died in Belgrave in 1924, aged 74. She married William REID in 1875, State of VIctoria. They had five children :

Winifred Helen REID, born 1876. Died 1898

Leslie Figgis REID, born 1878 in St Arnaud, Victoria. Died 1963

William Sydney REID, born 1880. Died 1960

Emily Clarice REID, born 1883

Marion Olive REID, born 1890

[5] Samuel Ernest FIGGIS, born 2 June 1854 He qualified at the School of Mines in Ballarat. He married Elizabeth Rosa NICHOLSON in 1882. She died on 24 March 1937, aged 76. Samuel died on 17 April 1922, aged 67, they are both buried in Brighton Cemetery, Melbourne, plot G 55E. They had four children :

William Ernest FIGGIS, born 13 January 1884. He qualified at the School of Mines in Ballarat. He served his country in World War I in 2nd King Edward's Horse/ 4th Bedfordshire Regt, Royal Engineers, B.E.F. William married Laura May STEVENS in St Martin in the Fields church, London, 4 Quarter 1914. He died on 7 December 1929, aged 45, and was buried on 12 August 1930, in Brighton Cemetery, Melbourne, Plot F 181A. Laura died in St Kilda in 1951, aged 54. . William & Laura had a son :

Peter E. FIGGIS, born 4th Quarter 1915, in St Mawes,Truro, England

Ella Margaret FIGGIS, born 1886, died in 1967, aged 80, buried 10 July 1967, in Brighton Cemetery, Melbourne, Plot G 55E

Rosa Millicent FIGGIS, born 1888

Emily Doris FIGGIS, born 1892, died in 1967

Frances Adelaide FIGGIS , born 1899, died of heart failure on 13 June 1921, buried on 14 June 1921, Brighton Cemetery, Melbourne, Plot G 55E

[6] Maria Smith FIGGIS, born 1857. Died 1857

[7] Maria Emily FIGGIS, born 1861. She died in Canterbury in 1947, aged 85. She married Robert VANCE in 1889. They had two sons :

Robert Moore VANCE, born 1890. He died in Canterbury in 1936, aged 47.

Eric Smith VANCE, born 1893. He died in 1970 aged 77.

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