The story of the descendants of Benjamin Johnston

Liz Augereau, Sally Lloyd, Caroline Glass, Barry Johnston and Hugh Casement have spent enormous effort on researching the detail of the Johnston family. The links to the other Johnston settlers from Scotland are still uncertain but there is confidence in the identity of the family which settled in Dublin, where Benjamin married, firstly Mary Osborne at St Pauls, Dublin, and secondly Mary Weld at St. Peter & St. Kevin's (as demanded by the law and Establishment);  the latter's children were, however, baptised at the Eustace Street Presbyterian chapel.

The Number Code

The number before the name "J1)" or "J11)" is the individual reference based on Neville de Mestre's system and starts at 1 with patriarch Benjamin. Each generation then adds one more digit so that Benjamin's fourth son, Edmund, is J14 and John (J15)'s son, Benjamin, is J152. When there are more than 9 children T is used for the 10th, E for the 11th offspring and Tw for the twelfth. Therefore J152E311), Peter Richard Graydon JOHNSTON is the first child of Hugh Graydon Johnston, first child of Augustus Henry Graydon Johnston who was the third child of Augustus Johnston; he was the eleventh child of Benjamin Johnston and Catherine Graydon and Benjamin was the second child of the original Benjamin's fifth child, John.

Only Johnston children have been coded as, in theory, other families marrying-in could have their own codes.

The Johnston Story

J1) Benjamin JOHNSTON,
born about 1703, married firstly Mary OSBORNE in St Paul’s Church, Dublin on 25th March 1727. 
Benjamin was a Public Notary and had his office in Castle Street.  Notes from a family bible (held by the Figgis family) state that there were five children :

                Dorothea  born 15th December 1727
                Benjamin  born 15th October 1729
                John         born   9th February 1732
                Benjamin  born  27th September 1735
                Joseph      born  9th May 1739.

Mary died on 13th June 1741, at about 35 years of age.  Sadly her five children had already predeceased her.

Benjamin married secondly, Mary WELD, daughter of Edmond Weld, in St Peter & St Kevin’s Church, Dublin on 25th September 1741. They had a total of twelve children, of whom eight survived. Although Benjamin and Mary had married in the Church of Ireland, their children were baptised in the Eustace Street Meeting House, Dublin.

In a family archive, kindly submitted by a member of the Figgis family, Benjamin Johnston wrote that their first child “was lost coming into the world to save its mother’s life” in 1742.  Their youngest child, Jane,  was born in 1757 after her father’s death.

Benjamin Johnston died on 18th July 1757, aged about 54 years.  When Mary Johnston, née Weld, died in 1787 her Will mentioned seven children.

J11) Edmond JOHNSTON, born 17th August 1743 – died young.

J12) Benjamin JOHNSTON, born 8th August 1744.  The date of Benjamin’s marriage is still uncertain. However, the family bible, mentioned above, gives a list of his issue :

J121) Jane JOHNSTON, born 2nd June 1767

J122) Mary JOHNSTON, born 28th August 1769

J123) Benjamin JOHNSTON, born 14th October 1770

J124) Elizabeth JOHNSTON, born 7th October 1773 – she married (?)  UNDERWOOD

J125) Edmund JOHNSTON, born 18th September 1775

J126) John JOHNSTON, born 18th November 1777.

J13) John JOHNSTON, born 21st September 1745 – died young.

J14) Margaret JOHNSTON, born 15th January 1746

J15) Edmond JOHNSTON, born 2nd January 1747.  He was a "Gentleman" and lived in Camden Street, Dublin. He remained a bachelor and at his death in 1828 he left his Estate to his sisters Mary Johnston and Jane Holmes and to his nephews and nieces, Holmes, Figgis, Dunne, Hall, Stephenson, Wybrants and Sisson. Edmund's will, dated 7th February 1826 with Codicil dated 9th May 1828, is in the National Archives Dublin, under the reference T 19907. The Executors of the will were his nephew Jonathan Sisson, Henry Hutton, barrister and Robert Moore Peile Junior, barrister. Edmund is buried in St Paul's churchyard, Gormanstown.

J16) John JOHNSTON, born 19th November 1749. John was an Ironmonger. He lived in College Green, Dublin. He married Maria HIGGINSON in St John's Church, Dublin on 22nd December 1772. They lived in Belvedere Place, Dublin. Other addresses include : Trough Lodge, Co Monaghan; The Copse, Rathdrum, Co Wicklow and 9/10, Upper Pembroke St, Dublin. When John died in 1823, Maria lived in Upper Dominick St. She died around 1828; she was the daughter of Rev Thomas HIGGINSON and Anne MOORE (see HIGGINSON). John & Maria had four children :

J161) Elizabeth JOHNSTON married Rev Henry MATURIN (1111271) in St George's Church, Dublin on 24th May 1802. She died in 1826. (see the MATURIN STORY part two)

Benjamin Johnston by CregganCatherine Johnston nee Graydon

The portraits of Benjamin and Catherine Johnston, right, were painted by Martin Cregan of County Meath, 1788-1870 (President of the Royal Hibernian Acadamy for twenty three years).

J162) Benjamin JOHNSTON
, "Gentleman", married Catherine GRAYDON at Trough Lodge , Co Monaghan on 17th February 1809. (Catherine Graydon's mother was possibly Letitia HIGGINSON, Maria's sister, who married Capt GRAYDON, H.M. Dragoons; widowed, she married secondly Edward Henry MURRAY in 1789).  Benjamin died in 1849 and his wife Catherine in 1855. 
They had 12 children, 3 daughters and 9 sons :

J1621) Letitia JOHNSTON, born 5th October 1809 in Trough Lodge, Co. Monaghan. She married the Rev Robert HENDERSON, of Derry, on 10th November 1831 in St Peter's Church, Aungier Street, Dublin. Robert Henderson was born in 1801 in Tyrone. He qualified at TCD in 1822 and was ordained by the Bishop of Derry in 1825. Principal of Foyle's College, Londonderry, the family is then in Brompton Ralph, Somerset in the 1861 census, and in Clifton, Gloucestershire in 1881.
Rev Henderson died in Clifton and was buried in Brompton-Ralph on 4th October 1878, aged 77.   Letitia died in Clifton too, and was buried in Brompton-Ralph on 30th April 1890 aged 79. Letitia & Robert had six children :
William HENDERSON, born in Londonderry on 22nd May 1834. Educated at TCD, he graduated in 1854 and was ordained in 1857. Curate in Brompton-Ralph and Monksilver in England, and Ballymore in Ireland, he went to America in 1862 and in 1877 he was appointed Canon of Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal. He married Mary Agnes BURGEN or BURGON. She was born in 1840 in Ireland.   They had 6 children :

Letitia Agnes HENDERSON, born 14th April 1865 in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada.  She was educated in Montreal and married the Rev Jervois NEWNHAM in 1892.  Jervois was born on 15th Oct 1852 in Combe Down, Somerset and died 11th January 1941 in Hamilton, Toronto.  He became Bishop of Moosonee and later Bishop of Saskatchewan in 1903.

Jervois  & Letitia  August 1918

Letitia was a “devoted companion and assistant” during Jervois’ missionary years.  She founded St Alban’s Ladies College, Prince Albert.   They had 5 daughters:

Georgina Agnes NEWNHAM, born 13th March 1893, in Moose Factory.  She married Joseph Fortescue McKAY born in March 1890 in Fort A La Corne, Northwest Territories, son of the last in line of the Hudson’s Bay Company men.  (Hudson’s Bay Company – the oldest surviving commercial corporation in North America, founded in eastern Canada in 1670 and, for over a century, dominated the fur market in that area.)   
Joseph served in the First World War in the 28th Infantry Battalion.  After the war he set up a Law Practice in Nipawin, Saskatchewan.  From there, the family moved in Winnipeg (1930), to Prince Albert (1935) and to Regina in 1940.
Joseph died in June 1977 in Regina.
Georgina & Joseph had a son :

Arthur Fortescue McKAY, (Art McKay) born 11th September 1926 in Nipawin, Saskatchewan. After High School, Art joined the army but by the time  his training was over, so was the war …  He then studied Art at the Provincial Institute of Technology & Art in Calgary, Alberta, where he met and married Lori SINGER, another student.
In 1949, after art school, Art & Lori made a remarkable trip across Canada on a motorcycle before leaving by freighter for Europe where they worked in England and later studied in Paris at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière.
One of many Saskatchewan artists influenced by the Emma Lake Artists Workshops, McKay is widely known as a member of the Regina Five.  The name originated from an exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa in 1961.
Art McKay is most noted for his scraped enamel “mandalas” – circular and rectangular highly contemplative images reflecting his interest in Zen Buddhism.
He retired in 1987 and moved to Vancouver in 1994.  He died on 3rd August 2000.
“If I realized I was this good, I would have painted more…” he said at the opening of the 1997 MacKenzie Art Gallery retrospective.
Art & Lori McKay had two daughters.

 Georgina, Hazel and May - in Toronto

Hazel Grace NEWNHAM, born 31st October 1894, christened in St Martin’s Church, Montreal on 8th December. She spent her childhood at a Hudson Bay Company post, Moose Factory, Ontario until she was 9. She attended St Alban’s College, founded by her mother.  She came to the United States in 1917 where she studied art for four years at the Child-Walker School of Fine Arts in Boston and attended the Charles Woodbury Summer School of Painting at Ogunquit, Maine.

She married Charles Benjamin ABBOTT, a civil engineer, on 15th October 1921. They were married by Hazel’s father, Jervois Newnham, Bishop of Saskatchewan, in the Chapel of the Diocesan Theological College in Montreal.
Charles was born in Germany on 6th June 1892 and in the 1910 US Federal Census, he was living in Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts.  At the time of his marriage, he was in Madison, Wisconsin.
Hazel had a mental breakdown and took ten years to recover.  By that time, she was living in Colorado Springs.  In 1935, she and her sister-in-law, Agnes Abbott, had a two-woman exhibition at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, and several years later Hazel had a solo exhibition at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.  Hazel was best known as a western landscape painter, especially of Colorado.
Hazel died on 23rd April 1984.  Charles died , aged 100, in July 1992.  They are both buried in Evergreen Cemetery, South Hancock Avenue, Colorado Springs.  

May Louise  NEWNHAM, born 31st October 1894, christened in St Martin’s church, Montreal on 8th December.
May went to McGill University in 1913 and graduated in 1917, a Gold Medalist in Modern Languages.   During the next two years she taught German at the University of Saskatchewan, then spent a year in Paris on a scholarship, teaching English at the College Sévigny and taking classes at the Sorbonne.  On her return to Canada, she took her Master's degree at McGill in 1921. May married Noël JACKMAN in 1921.  He was born in England in 1886 and emigrated to Canada.  He was living near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan at the time of his marriage.

After being crippled by an infection, which killed their baby son,  May moved with her family to Hamilton, Ontario in 1928, in order to have easier access to the medical facilities she needed.  There she tutored in French and German and, after her husband's death in 1947, she taught at McMaster University for several years.    She died on 3rd January 1982.

May & Noël also had a daughter :

Letitia JACKMAN 

Kathleen NEWNHAM, born 8th May 1900.  Kathleen was a student at McGill University when she met David Hepburn ELLIS.  David was born in Newfoundland.  He attended Bishop Field College in St John’s and St Andrew’s in Toronto.  At McGill he received a scholarship in geology and then obtained a degree in Master of Science in 1926.
He went to Northern Rhodesia with the Anglo-American Corporation of South Africa.  
Kathleen & David were married in Livingstone (Zambia).  In 1930, David became Geologist to the Rhodesian Congo Border Concession Ltd at N’Changa.  He died at Bulawayo, Rhodesia on 23rd November 1935.  Practically his entire active career since graduation had been spent in Africa.  David & Kathleen had two children.

Kathleen married, secondly, Volney Godden REXFORD. They were married in St Paul’s Church, Knowlton on 19th May 1938.
Volney was born on 18th January 1890, the son of the Rev Dr Elson I. Rexford, rector and assistant headmaster of the High School of Montreal and then principal of the Montreal Diocesan Theological College.  Volney served in the First World War and was subsequently promoted to Lieutenant of the 14th Battalion of the Royal Montreal Regiment.
He died in 1972 and is buried in the Rexford family grave in Knowlton Cemetery, Knowlton, Brome County, Quebec.
Kathleen died in April 1982 and is buried with her parents and twin sister Dorothea, in Woodland Cemetery, Hamilton. 

Dorothea NEWNHAM, born 8th May 1900.  She died in November 1982 and is buried in Woodland Cemetery, Hamilton.

Robert Benjamin HENDERSON
born 1st December 1866 in Pembroke, Ontario.  He was a barrister.  He married Audrey Irene SMITH on 4th July 1907, Deer Park, Toronto.

Audrey was born about 1874 in York, Toronto, daughter of Larratt William Smith & his second wife Mary Elizabeth.  Larratt W. Smith was a well-known figure in Toronto, a lawyer, businessman and Vice-Chancellor of the University.

Audrey died on 17th August 1918 aged 42, following the birth of their son Hugh, by caesarian section.  Robert died on 11th January 1925, aged 58. They are both buried in St James Cemetery, Toronto. 

Hugh Larratt HENDERSON, born 13th August 1918. Like his maternal grandfather and his father Robert, Hugh studied law and became a barrister.  He joined the Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve and, in January 1941, when he was Sub-Lieutenant posted in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, he married Mary Elizabeth ROGERS.

Hugh & Mary then settled in Victoria, British Columbia.  Hugh was the progressive conservative candidate at the 27th British Columbia election in 1953. 

Hugh died on October 31st 1986, aged 68. His funeral service was held in Christchurch Cathedral, Victoria.    He & Mary had three children.

Hugh Larratt Henderson

Mary Howard HENDERSON, born 12th July 1869, Ontario. Mary studied at McGill University and left there in 1890 as one of its first women graduates.  She wrote three books of which “By Water & The Word” is the best-known.  It is a transcription of the diary of the Right Reverend Jervois A. Newnham, her brother-in-law, while plying the waters and ice fields of northern Canada in the Diocese of Moosonee. 


Mary married Frederick Perry SHEARWOOD in St James' Cathedral, Toronto on 3rd September 1898.  Frederick was born in London in September 1869, son of George Perry Shearwood.  He began his career in 1884 with the Sao Paulo Railway in Brazil.  In 1887 he joined the Dominion Bridge Company, firstly as design engineer and then chief engineer, notably for the Alexandra Bridge between Ottawa and Hull (1900) and the Jacques Cartier Bridge in Montreal (1929). President of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers in 1934, he was also a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Railroad Engineering Association and the Corporation of Professional Engineers of Quebec. In 1955, he was awarded the EIC’s Gzowski medal for his paper on “The Stabilization of Suspension Bridges”.

With his colleague D.H. Duggan, he designed and built yachts that won the Seawanhaka Cup from 1896 to 1904.The Seawanhaka Cup is the oldest yachting trophy, originating in America, that is still in active competition.   

Frederick died in 1956. Mary died in April 1962 aged 93. They had two children :

Grace Eleanor SHEARWOOD,born 1901.  She married Charles F. FURSE in 1930 in Newton Abbott, Devon, England.

George Armand FURSE was born on 22nd May 1931 in Montreal, Quebec, son of Charles Francis & Grace Eleanor Furse.  He graduated from The Thomas More Institute/University of Montreal and then obtained his Master 's Degree from the University of Waterloo, Ontario. He received his Doctorate Degree in Psychology from Temple University, Philadelphia.

For many years Dr. Furse was in private practice as a Psychologist and served on the staff of Haverford State Hospital until retiring in 1991.  An avid writer, at one time he was a reporter for local newspapers in both Halifax, Nova Scotia and Montreal. 

George married Jonquil BARRY,  they had two children.  He died on 1st August 2007.

Alexander Bergin Perry SHEARWOOD, born 8th July 1908 in Montreal, Quebec and christened in Christ Church, Montreal, on the 20th September by his uncle, Jervois Newnham, Bishop of Saskatchewan. He was educated at Westmount High School and went to McGill University where he obtained his B.A. in 1930. 
Alexander worked for the Dominion Bridge Company, then the Canadian Pacific Railway and spent 1931 travelling in Europe.  On his return to Canada, he joined the National Steel Car Corporation, in Hamilton, Ontario and then in Montreal, rising to Chief Executive Officer 1953-1966.  He was Chairman of the Board until 1974 and retired in 1977.  He married Christina FRASER in 1950 and they had three children.

Alexander Bergin Perry Shearwood

William HENDERSON was born on 6th September 1872 in Dunham, Quebec.  He enlisted with the 36th Battalion in 1915.  This was an infantry battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force.  It was recruited in Hamilton, Ontario.  The battalion embarked for Britain in June 1915 where it provided reinforcements to the Canadian Corps until January 1917.

After the war, William moved to British Columbia and lived in Victoria.  He was 91 years old when he died in December 1963 at the Veterans' Hospital.  He was buried in the Veterans' Cemetery, Esquimalt.  

Grace HENDERSON, born about 1876, Ontario. She was a graduate of McGill University and she married Reginald R. WALLACE, a direct descendant of Michael Wallace, Provincial Treasurer of Nova Scotia in the early nineteenth century and after whom the town of Wallace, Nova Scotia was named.

Reginald worked for the Bank of Montreal and had various postings in the United States and Canada.  Reginald and Grace were living in New York at the beginning of the 1900s where their two sons were born.  They then came back to Canada and lived in Winnipeg, Vancouver and Halifax.

Raymond Henderson WALLACE, born 18th February 1902 in New York.  A graduate of McGill University, he was a mechanical engineer and a member of the Brockville Rifles (NPAM) prior to his appointment to the Canadian (Active) Army in October 1940 with the rank of Lieutenant.  He proceeded overseas in December 1940 and was promoted to the rank of Captain in June 1942 and in September 1943 he rose to the rank of Major.  In December 1944, he was awarded an M.B.E. for gallant and distinguished services in the field. 

Raymond married Elizabeth Marjorie RUTHERFORD in September 1929 at St Andrew’s United Church in Westmount, Quebec. They had three children.

Arthur William WALLACE, born 1903 in New York. He was an architect, historian, collector & bibliophile who worked in Hamilton,Ont.from 1946 until his retirement in 1971.  

Arthur entered the School of Architecture at McGill in 1922 and it was here that Ramsay Traquair and Percy Nobbs awakened his interest in recording and preparing measured drawings of historic buildings in the province of Quebec. Many of Wallace's drawings were subsequently published in Traquair's landmark work entitled The Old Architecture of Quebec (1947). He worked in the office of Nobbs & Hyde during the summer of 1923 and graduated from McGill University in 1926. He travelled to New York City and took a position with McKenzie, Voorhees & Gmelin in August, 1927 and during the next four years assisted with the design of large exchange buildings for the New York Telephone Company.   
Arthur returned to Nova Scotia in mid-1931 and during the next two years devoted most of his time to photographing and measuring early Nova Scotia buildings. His drawings formed the basis of his book published in 1976 by the Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia entitled “An Album of Drawings of Early Buildings of Nova Scotia.”

In 1935 he travelled to London, England and worked as a draftsman until 1939 when he joined the War Office in England to assist with the design of industrial and military buildings for the Directorate of Fortifications and Works in France and the Middle East.

In 1946 Arthur returned to Hamilton, Ont. Much of his work after 1950 involved major restoration projects for residences, churches, military fortifications and museums; the largest project he undertook was at Dundurn Castle, the palatial residence of Sir Allan MacNab in Hamilton (restored 1964-67). 

Arthur died in Hamilton in 1978, and his extensive architectural library of more than one thousand books was auctioned in Toronto on 27 May 1981. The National Archives of Canada acquired the Wallace Collection of more than 20,000 photographs, clippings, maps, drawings and articles on architecture and style in 1982.

Kathleen HENDERSON, born about 1883, in Montreal, the youngest daughter of the Rev Canon William Henderson & his wife Mary née Bergin. In 1891 the family are living in Montreal.  In the 1906 census for Saskatchewan, Kathleen is staying with the Newnham family in Prince Albert.  Kathleen came to Vancouver in 1910.  She married Alec Alfred PLUMMER.

Alec was born on 18th September 1889, the son of Alfred Plummer and his wife Alice née Becher.  He was a lumberman.  They lived in Caulfeild, West Vancouver, 5037 Howe Lane.

Kathleen was active in the woman's auxilliary to the Vancouver General Hospital and the Navy League auxilliary to the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.

They both died in 1958, Alec in April and Kathleen in December and are buried in Capilano View Cemetery.   Alec & Kathleen had two sons :

Alexander Bergin PLUMMER, born about 1916.  He was educated atShawnigan Lake School in Vancouver (1927-1932).  He joined the Marines and was an active lieutenant during the second World War, on minesweeper HMCS St Joseph from May 1944 to November 1945.  This ship was built in Nanaimo, so it is probable that Alex was working along the west coast of Canada and not overseas.

After the war, Alex worked for Timber Sales & Distributors Ltd and was appointed Eastern Sales Manager, opening an office in Toronto in the early 1960s

Alex married Muriel Shirley MACDONALD on 3rd July 1943 in Vancouver.  Shirley was the daughter of Mr & Mrs James Vans Macdonald.

Stephen Fane PLUMMER, born 4th November 1918.  He died on 3rd February 1919, aged three months.  He is buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver.

Catherine HENDERSON born in Londonderry in 1835.  Catherine died in Minehead, Somerset on 3rd May 1864 and was buried in Brompton-Ralph on 6th May 1864.

Benjamin David HENDERSON, born around 1836.  He died aged 23 on 15th July 1859 and was buried in Brompton-Ralph on the 19th July 1859.

Mary HENDERSON born in Londonderry in 1840

Robert John HENDERSON, born in Killelagh or Killela, Co Donegal, Ireland about 1847.  He appears in the 1871 British Census as Second Officer in the Mercantile Marine.  Robert was living in Clifton, Gloucestershire at the time of his marriage to Alice Leslie MARRIOTT on 26th March 1879.  They were married in the Channel Islands by the Rev. Henry M.C. Price, in St Luke’s Church, St Saviour’s Parish, Jersey.  Alice was born in Lucknow, India, daughter of Edwin Marriott, colonel in the Bengal Army.

Robert & Alice appear in the 1881 Canadian Census, with their daughter Pauline.  Ten years later, in the 1891 British Census, Alice and two children, Pauline & Leslie, are living in Holdenhurst, Hampshire.  Robert & Alice had two children :

Pauline Carlyle HENDERSON was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1880.  Pauline married John Leigh Smeathman HATTON  at St Luke's Church, Paddington, on 20th April 1897. John was born on 27th May 1865, eldest son of the Reverend J.L.S. Hatton & his first wife Lois Caroline Marsh.  He was educated at Hertford College, Oxford where he obtained an M.A.  He also qualified as a barrister at Lincoln’s Inn.   He was a well-known mathematician and educator and he worked for forty years at a pioneering educational project in East London which eventually became Queen Mary College in the University of London.  He was Principal from 1908 until his death in 1933.  Pauline died in Torbay, Devon in 1969. They had three children  :

Lois Leslie Smeathman HATTON, born 3rd Quarter 1899. Lois died in 1917 in Ventor, Isle of Man.

John Boydell Smeathman HATTON, born in February 1904.  John was a mechanical engineer at T.I. Cycles in Ambattur, Madras, India. T.I.Cycles was established by the Murugappa Group in 1949, in collaboration with Tube Investments U.K.   John died at the Lady Willingdon Nursing Home in Madras on 11th January 1956. 

Paul Leigh Smeathman HATTON, born in 1906. Paul was a doctor.  He married Zadia Vivienne PARK on 16th November 1935 at All Saints' Church, Sanderstead, Surrey.   Paul died in September 1973 aged 67 in Norwich, Norfolk.  Vivienne died on 10th June 1981.  They had three children.

Robert Leslie Sinclair HENDERSON, born in Jersey, Channel Islands, on 26th October 1881 and christened on 22nd May 1882.  In the 1901 Census, Leslie is a Bank Clerk, living in Kensington.

During the First World War, Leslie served with the South Stafford regiment, and was promoted from Cadet to Second Lieutenant Artists Rifles O.T.C. in July 1916.

Leslie married Mabel Gertrude S. POND on 28th October 1922 in St George's Parish, Hanover Square, London.  They had a son, born in December 1923.

Leslie died in 1960 and Mabel in 1978. 

Letitia Anne Smyth HENDERSON born in Ireland in 1853.  She died in Minehead, Somerset on 8th June 1863, aged 10 and was buried in Brompton-Ralph on 11th June 1863.

J1622) Maria JOHNSTON, born 5 Oct 1810 at Ecclesville, Co. Tyrone.  She died on 11 July 1811.

J1623) Maria JOHNSTON, born 5th January 1813, at 9 Upper Pembroke St, Dublin.  She remained a spinster and lived with her brother Augustus & family in Ambleside, Westmoreland.

J1624) John JOHNSTON born on 28th October 1814 at The Copse, Rathdrum, Co Wicklow and baptised on 17th November 1814. John was a bachelor and emigrated to Demerara, Guyana.  Demerara was a Dutch colony until 1815 and then a county of British Guyana from 1838 to 1858.

John died there in 1845 and probate for effects of less than £200 was granted to his brother William Johnston of Dunedin, New Zealand. 

J1625) Benjamin JOHNSTON born in The Copse, Rathdrum, Co Wicklow and baptised on 20th October 1816. Qualified as a medical doctor in TCD, he was surgeon in Dr Steeven's Hospital, Dublin, before becoming G.P. in Ramelton (Rathmelton) Co Donegal. He married Emma MATURIN (111126) , his first cousin, in St Peter's church, Dublin on 11th January 1843.  They were married by Benjamin’s brother in law, the Rev Robert Henderson. They lived in "Ayr Hill", Ramelton where their ten children were born - four girls and six boys. Benjamin & Emma moved to "Riversdale", Middleton, Co Cork where Benjamin died (inflammation of the lungs) on 2nd June 1876, aged 59. Emma died on 6th November 1890 at "Gorsehill", Ballybay, Co Monaghan. She also had an address in Dublin : 38 Upper Rutland St. 

Dr Benjamin Johnston - the only surviving photo suffered a little from being carried around in the breast pocket of his son Arthur (J16259).   Kindly supplied by Arthur's grandson, Barry Johnston.  

J16251) Katherine Emma JOHNSTON born in Ramelton, Co Donegal, 4th February 1844, she was baptised immediately due to her state of health. She was "brought into the church" on 7th July 1844. Her godparents were Rev Edmund Maturin, Catherine Johnston and Anna Maturin. 

Katherine was an artist and spent a lot of her time in Italy.  She died on 29th September 1887 at the Holyhead Hotel in Anglesea.  Late of Stranorlar, Co Donegal, she also had an address in Dublin, 3 North Summer Street. 

J16252) Emma Maturin JOHNSTONborn in Ramelton on 24th June 1845. She remained a spinster and lived with her brother Benjamin & family in Listowel Co Kerry. She died in Listowel on 23rd September 1898 and is buried there. 

J16253) Elizabeth Graydon JOHNSTON, born in Ramelton on 26th December 1847, she was the only daughter of Benjamin & Emma to marry. She was living at 38 Upper Rutland St, Dublin at the time of her marriage to Nathaniel Thomson Dale, a widower, on 28th July 1884. They were married in Chorlton upon Medlock in Lancs. Witnesses : William Woods & Hannah J. Woods. Nathaniel was married previously to Henrietta Ryan (7th October 1874 Dublin). Elizabeth died on 19th June 1907 (TB) at home, "Ardnehue" Howth, Co Dublin.

J16254) Letitia JOHNSTON born in Ramelton on 13th August 1848

J16255) Benjamin Maturin JOHNSTON
born in Ramelton on 31st October 1849. He worked in the Bank of Ireland, in Tralee Co Kerry, Castleblaney Co Monaghan, Ballybay Co Monaghan, Dundalk Co Louth, before founding the Bank of Ireland in Listowel, Co Kerry. He married Christina STAPELTON, in Newcastle West, Co Limerick, on 17th February 1876. Christina was born on 28th December 1849 in Jersey , Channel Is, daughter of David STAPELTON, Quartermaster in the Royal Navy, and Christian MAGILL, (see MAGILL). Benjamin & Christina retired to Malahide, north Co Dublin. He died on 8th November 1928 and she died on 27th June 1933. They are both buried in St Andrew's Church graveyard, Malahide. Benjamin & Christina had 2 sons & 5 daughters :

Johnston Family 1890
Benjamin Johnston & Christina (Stapelton)

Benjamin Maturin Johnston & Christina (Stapelton)

Left (from right to left) standing - Benjamin Charles, Benjamin Maturin, Ina, Lucy;  sitting - Christina with baby Henry on her knee, Katherine,  Emma Johnston (J16252), Alice

J162551) Benjamin Charles Maturin JOHNSTON
, born 3rd December 1876 in Tralee, Co Kerry. He was Manager of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, with postings in Tientsin and Peking, China, in Hong Kong, in Ipoh, Perak, Federated Malay States and in Manilla
in the Philippines.                                                   
He married Frances Elizabeth (Fanny) SANDES  in 1909 in Hong Kong. Frances was born on 25th August 1869, daughter of the Rev Samuel Dickson Sandes and his wife Sophia Julia nee Besnard. Benjamin Charles died on 21st November 1945. Fanny died on 12th June 1953. They are both buried in the Parish Church graveyard, Orford, Suffolk.  They had two children :


Benjamin Charles with Fanny, Betty and Stephen in c. 1920

Benjamin Stephen Besnard (Stephen) JOHNSTON, born in Ardfert, Co Kerry, on 19th September 1912.
Stephen married Joyce BARON (born 1908) in St Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore on 13th March 1937.  Joyce was the daughter of Dr & Mrs H.N. Baron of Orford, Suffolk. 
Stephen had a distinguished war record flying “Pathfinders” in the RAF.  He was awarded the DFC and the AFC, Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Force Cross.

Before and after the war, Stephen was a Rubber Planter in Bahau, the principal town of Jembol district in Negeri Sembilan, Malaya, working for Dunlops.   He was murdered by Communist terrorists on 17th August 1951.  Joyce came back to live in Orford.  She died in January 2001 and is buried in the Parish Church graveyard in Orford.  Stephen & Joyce had two children.

Stephen and Joyce on 13 March 1937

J1625512) Elisabeth Sophia Christina (Betty) JOHNSTON – born 7th February 1914 in Ipoh, Perak, Federated Malay States.  Betty married John Withers RUSSELL (born 1906) in Singapore on 25th September 1937.

John and Betty 

John was a Chartered Accountant and worked for Dunlop Malayan Estates.
In the Second World War, when the Japanese attacked, John managed to get Betty and their two children down to Singapore and on to a ship which had just arrived with Australian troops.  John immediately enlisted in an Artillery Regiment.  Betty and the children landed in Perth, Western Australia.  From there, they got to Sydney where they managed to get a passage on a small passenger-carrying cargo boat, all the way to Belfast and from there across to her parents’ home in Orford.  Betty and the children spent the rest of the war there.  John miraculously survived and returned to England nearly four years later.  The family went back to live in Malacca after the war and returned to England in 1951.  John continued to work for Dunlops in London until he retired to Orford in 1963.  He died in April 1983 and is buried in the Parish Church graveyard in Orford.  She died 8 September 2008.  John & Betty had two children.

J162552) Christina Emma (Ina) JOHNSTON, was born on 11th April 1878 in Tralee, Co Kerry. She married Dr Arthur STANLEY, on 5th August 1903 in Listowel, Co Kerry.
This was a double wedding with Ina’s sister Alice marrying Dr Robert Cox.  He and Dr Arthur Stanley were Medical Officers in  Shanghai. When Robert Cox came back to Ireland for the wedding, he brought Arthur Stanley with him to be his best man.  Arthur fell in love with Ina, and they were all married on the same day!
Arthur was born in 1868 in Dalham, Suffolk, son of Walter & Hannah STANLEY.  His father was a Supervisor of Inland Revenue.  The family moved around, depending on Walter’s postings, Dalham, Truro in Cornwall and Bradford, Yorkshire. Arthur was educated at Truro, the Royal College of Science, South Kensington, Leeds’ University and St Mary’s Hospital, London.  He graduated M.B. London in 1892 and M.D. the following year.                                                                 Arthur was appointed in 1898 as the first full-time Medical Officer of Health of the Foreign Settlement of Shanghai, and became its first Commissioner of Public Health.  He founded a Pasteur Institute, the first under British control.  He acquired the technique of antirabic treatment in Kitasato’s laboratory in Tokyo.  In 1911 he was a member of the commission appointed to investigate the epidemic of plague in Manchuria. 
Beyond his professional work, Arthur Stanley was an accomplished student of Chinese Art.  For many years, he was curator of the Museum of the North China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society.
Arthur & Ina settled in Hampstead when Arthur retired from Shanghai in 1921.   He died on 28th March 1931, aged 62.
Ina died on 15th September 1957. She is buried in Rickmansworth cemetery, Herts., England.
They had three children :

Brian STANLEY, born 29th May 1904 in Shanghai, China. He was christened in the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Shanghai on 8th September 1904.  Brian was a medical doctor.
He married Margaret Mary (Rita) CRONIN on 19th April 1934.  Rita was born on 19th July 1907.  Brian died on 8th July 1990 in Hounslow and she died on 25th June 1983 in Hatfield.  Brian and Rita had three children.

Sheila STANLEY, born 29th May 1905.  She married David Raymond Read (born 23rd August 1909) in 1950. Sheila  died on 2nd July 1979.
David remarried on 20th September 1980 to Marion June BAILEY.  David died on 7th October 1985.

Reginald (Rex) STANLEY,born on Christmas Day 1906.  He married Doreen ANDREWS on 5th March 1938. Rex died in 1990 and Doreen died on 24th October 2006.  They had four children.

J162553) Mellicent Kathleen Lucy Ethel (Lucy) JOHNSTON born on 28th October 1879 in Castleblaney, Co Monaghan.       She married Dr Leslie Wren CROSBIE, Ballyheigue Castle, Ardfert, Co Kerry. The marriage took place in Listowel on 9th December 1897.
Leslie Crosbie was the son of Pierce CROSBIE and his third wife Margaret née Wren.  He married firstly Agnes, widow of Thomas Dickson Davenport, by whom he had three sons:  Fitzgeorge Bateman (died Oct 1905); Pierce Leslie (1878-1965);   Douglas Edward (1880-1953). 

Right - Lucy, Alice and Leslie Crosby
Leslie died in Malahide on 31st October 1922, aged 79. Lucy died on 8th September 1961. They are both buried in St Andrew's Church graveyard, Malahide, Co Dublin.
They had one daughter :

Margaret Lucy Alice (Alice) CROSBIE
, born 1898.  She was educated at the French School in Bray.  She was a very competant horsewoman who took part in the Dublin Horse Show.  A talented woman, art crafts of all sorts, sewing & tapestry, piano & music,  with a very adventurous spirit.

Alice married Samuel Dickson (Dick) SANDES
at St John’s Church, Umtali, Rhodesia in 1926  (pictured right).
Dick was born in 1899 on the Island of Texada, Van Anda, between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia where his father, also Samuel Dickson SANDES, was employed as a draughtsman on a copper mine.  When his mother died in 1904, Dick was taken back to England to go to school.  He tried to run away to sea but was brought back and put on a training ship and in 1915 he was in the Navy as a midshipman.  Dick then joined the British South Africa Police and served with them until 1948.

After their marriage in 1926, Alice & Dick lived in Rhodesia, leading a very nomadic lifestyle between small towns and the huge expanse of the Rhodesian bush, Salisbury and Gatooma, then Fort Victoria and Nuanetsi.  The latter is a large wild area situated some 150 miles from Fort Victoria, now Masvingo, between the Lundi and Limpopo rivers.  Nuanetsi consisted of a native commissioner’s office and a police camp.  There were no roads, shops or amenities and supplies were transported by bus, mules and horses.  Thatched mud huts and canvas tents were provided for living quarters.  The heat at Nuanetsi was unbearable, malaria rife and the area infested with wild animals.  Despite everything, Alice loved this life-style.

Alice died of tuberculosis in Fish Hoek, South Africa in 1933.  She was on her way back to Ireland with Lucy, her mother.  She is buried in Muizenburg Cemetery in Cape Town.  There is a memorial inscription on her parents’ grave in Malahide, Co Dublin.

Dick married again in 1933, to Joan AIREY.  They had two children. After the Second World War, Dick retired from the BSAP and joined the Historical Monuments Commission as Curator of The Great Zimbabwe Ruins and also became Warden of two National Parks.  When he left the National Parks in 1959, he became security doorman at the House of Parliament whenever it was in session, while always looking after his farm.  His wife Joan died in 1979, and Dick died in November 2001 in Johannesburg, aged 102.             Sincere thanks to Dick’s daughter, Allison, for all her help in compiling this chapter of the Johnston Story.  

J162554) Edith Bertha Violet Alice (Alice) Johnston,
born on 20th October 1881 at "Agherlane", Ballybay, Co Monaghan. She married Dr Robert Hanham COX in Listowel, Co Kerry, on 5th August 1903 (double wedding with her sister Ina).  

Dr Cox came from Dundalk, Co. Louth, son of John & Mary Ann Cox, née Mouritz,  qualifying as a surgeon at the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin in 1886. Shortly afterwards, he was appointed Medical Officer of the Chinese Customs.  Dr Cox, with his brother, Dr Stafford Mouritz Cox,  pioneered the use of saline injections in the treatment of cholera when he was in China.     

Robbie and Alice 
Robert and Alice had 7 children. The 5 girls were born in Shanghai where Dr Cox was the Port Health Officer. It was their chinese Amah (nanny) who called them 1,2,3,4 & 5 in Chinese, and the names stuck ! The family returned to Ireland in 1911 and settled in Howth. On the outbreak of the First World War, Dr Cox joined the Royal Army Medical Corps.  During his retirement, he devoted his time to private scientific research. 
Dr Cox died in November 1939 and Alice died on 27th April 1966.  They are both buried in St Fintan's graveyard, Howth, Co Dublin.

   The Cox Girls

Kathleen COX, Ahdo, born 2nd July 1904 in Woosung, Shanghai, China.  Kathleen was educated at Alexandra College, Dublin and then at the Metropolitan School of Art.  She won the Taylor Prize for the first time in 1925 and again in 1926 and 1927.  Oliver Sheppard, her master of sculpture, was clearly a major influence on her artistic development. She opened her pottery studio at no 7 Schoolhouse Lane, off Molesworth St in Dublin. With her college friend Stella Rayner, Kathleen fired her pottery in a small electric kiln, the first of its kind in Ireland.  During the mid-1930s, she gradually stopped making pottery, feeling very strongly that pottery should be useful and not merely ornamental.  With this sense of futility, Kathleen smashed all her moulds and closed down her studio and, from then on, avoided talking about her work.

In 1937, she married  Alan Gordon PALMER and moved to London.  Alan was a conscientious objector and they spent the war years running a farm at Meopham, Kent.  In 1950 they returned to London.  Kathleen wrote and illustrated a book for children called “A Story of Stories” about the great religions of the world, under the pen name C.M. Kay.

Kathleen died in London in September 1972 and Alan died in 1996.  They had two daughters.

Moira COX, Ahnee, born about 1906 in Woosung, Shanghai, China.
During the Second World War, Moira or Ahnee joined the Land Army.  Back in Dublin afterwards, she was a medical secretary and was very involved in the art world, working in an Art Gallery in Dawson St.  She enjoyed painting and making pottery.

Doreen Primrose COX, Ahsae, born about 1907 in Woosung, Shanghai, China.  Ahsae married Daniel WHERRY in 1954.  Danny was the youngest son of Joseph Wherry of Dungannon.  He was a talented actor, took part in several productions in London, and appeared in a number of films.  His family also owned the Northland Arms Hotel in Dungannon.

Danny died very suddenly in London in April 1955, aged 45, just six months after their marriage.  He was cremated and his ashes  brought back to the family burying ground in Newcastle, Co Down.

Ahsae was well-known in Howth and Malahide as a dog-breeder.  She won numerous prizes with her poodles.  She died in April 1987.  She and Danny had no children.    

Eileen Doris COX, Szesze,  born 1909 in Woosung, Shanghai, China.  Szesze married Robert James (Robin) CHILLINGWORTH in June 1942.

Robin was born on 2nd October 1917, son of Henry & Ina Chillingworth.  He qualified as a Civil Engineer from Trinity College, Dublin.  During the Second World War, he worked for the Air Ministry in Northern Ireland, building runways for military aircraft.  He was due to be transferred to Tripoli when peace was declared …  During this time, Szesze worked as a VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment) nurse in a military hospital in Belfast.

After the war, Robin was Town Surveyor in Portstewart before returning to Dublin in 1954. He was involved in the building of the dry docks in Dublin port.  He then joined Sound Systems until his retirement.  

Robin died in March 2000.  SzeSze died on 6th September 2008, aged 99.  They had three children.

Robin & Szesze Chillingworth 

Sheila Patricia COX, Ahung, (Patsy)
born about 1910.  Patsy married Captain Reginald H. MARTIN, East Yorkshire Regiment, 4th son of T.S.W. Martin of Ballygorell, Co Wicklow.  The marriage took place in May 1932, in Howth Parish Church.

They had two children.  

Robert B. D. COX, (Bobs), born about 1912 in Howth, Co Dublin.  During World War II, Bobs was chauffeur to the Lord O’Neill in the desert in Africa.  He spent most of his career with Unidare as an engineer.  In 1952, Bobs married Adrienne McDOWELL, eldest daughter of Oswald McDowell of Churchtown, Co Dublin.

Bobs died suddenly on 3rd April 1983 and is buried in St Fintan’s graveyard in Howth, Co Dublin.

Bobs & Adrienne had a daughter.

Shaun Maturin COX,
born about 1914 in Howth, Co Dublin. He qualified from Trinity College, Dublin, in 1934 with a degree in Experimental Science.  Shaun married Marjorie STRONG-HECKLES in November 1936.  Marjorie was the youngest daughter of Lynn Strong-Heckes, Durham. Shaun was Manager of J.A. Jobling & Co, Sunderland (UK manufacturers of Pyrex glass) and was awarded an OBE on 9 Jun 1949 for his research into the manufacture of coloured pyrex.  He died in 1979 and Marjorie in 1997.  They are both buried in Harton Cemetery, South Shields.

Shaun & Marjorie had three children, of whom :

Nigel Shaun Maturin COX was born in September 1937 in South Shields.  Nigel was a computer engineer and worked in the Laboratory in Newcastle- upon-Tyne  University.  He wrote several books : The  Computer and the Library ( the role of the computer in the organization and handling of information in libraries) ; The Indexing of Records in the Public Record Office.

Nigel married Christine MAULE in 1965 and they later divorced.  Nigel died in Worcester in June 2000.

Noel COX – born and died 3rd Quarter 1940

Left - Katharine Stella & Ina

 Below - Tom and Katharine's wedding with Alice Crosbie (left) and Stella (J162557) right

J162555) Katharine Elizabeth Alice (Daisy) JOHNSTON
born 5th September 1883 at "Gorsehill", Ballybay, Co Monaghan. She married Thomas ARMSTRONG in Listowel, Co Kerry on 7th March 1905. Daisy died of TB on 18th November 1921.  She is buried in Listowel.                                                           

Thomas had a Toffee Factory in Listowel for some years and on the death of his wife, he moved to Blackrock, Co Dublin.  The family then went to England, where Thomas bought and sold large country houses with land.  He had a large Elizabethan farm house near Gatwick called Rowley Farm for a few years.  He was a gentleman farmer and had a champion Jersey Herd.  In his last years, Thomas lived in a flat in Tunbridge Wells where his daughter Lucy looked after him.  He died on 29th July 1962, aged 87, and was cremated in Tunbridge Wells.
Katharine & Thomas had five children :

John Reay ARMSTRONG, born on 8th July 1906,
Died 24th February 1909.

Walter Johnston ARMSTRONG,
born 3rd July 1907.He married Enid Constance WHISHAW on 1st October 1930.  Walter died on 28th March 1982.  They had a son.

Katharine Ethel ARMSTRONG
, born 28th February 1910.  Ethel married Robert Howard WINDSOR on 28th May 1938.  Robert was born 18th April 1900.
Robert died in September 1990 and Ethel in February 1998. They had two children.

Lucy Helen ARMSTRONG, born 4th May 1911 .  She married Kenneth Ian (Kim) McCREA on 29th June 1937, at the British Consulate in Helsingfors, Finland.
Kim was in the North West Frontier Police, India (now Pakistan) from 1928 to 1947.  He was with the British Diplomatic Service in Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya and Cyprus from 1948 to 1954 and then Deputy Chief Constable with the Air Ministry Constabulary from 1954 to 1971.
He died in January 1990 and was cremated in Bath.
Lucy died in March 1994 and was cremated in Uckfield, Sussex. Lucy & Kim had three children

Lucy and Kim McCrea  

Margaret Aline ARMSTRONG, born 29th February 1913 in Listowel, Co Kerry.  She died on 29th May 1913.

J162556)  Henry Vassal JOHNSTON was born on 30th April 1889, at "Gorsehill", Ballybay, Co Monaghan. He died in February 1891 and is buried the Church of Ireland graveyard in Ballybay.

J162557) Estelle Zina Margaret (Stella) JOHNSTON was born in Dundalk, Co Louth on 17th April 1892. She married Richard Isaac BEAMISH, born 17th May 1889, in St Andrew's Church, Malahide, Co Dublin on 20th December 1920. Dick was Manager of the Imperial Bank of India in Ambala. They came back to Malahide to retire. Dick died on 5th January 1959 and Stella died on 20th December 1968. They are both buried in St Andrew's Church graveyard, Malahide.
They had 2 children :



30 December 1920 - Kathleen Cox, Kitty Beamish, Richard Beamish, Stella Johnston, Patrick Beamish, Alice Crosbie (sitting) Ethel Armstrong

     Henry Maturin Johnston and his family  

J16256) Henry Maturin JOHNSTON, born in Ramelton on 24th January 1851. He qualified as a medical doctor from Queen's University, Belfast in 1872 and practised as a G.P. in Stranorlar, Co Donegal. Click HERE to go the story of how the IRA commandeered his car, later enshrined in the rebel song "Johnston's Motor Car". He married Mellicent Agnes Blennerhassett STAPLETON, on 2nd January 1879 in the Church of Ireland, Muckross, Castleblaney, Co Monaghan. Witnesses : Benjamin & Christina Johnston. (Christina & Mellicent were sisters). Mellicent died on 17th June 1903, (brain tumour), aged 52. She is buried in Stranorlar, Co Donegal. Henry & Mellicent had 6 children :


   Benjamin Johnston

J162561) Benjamin JOHNSTON born in Stranorlar, Co Donegal on 20th April 1880. He had a military career : 54th Company of Ulster Imperial Yeomanry, South African War. First World War in racks of Lord Strathcona's Horse (Canadian Military Forces). Subsequently commissioned in North Irish Horse. Benjamin died in Canada in 1950.

162562) Christina Letitia Aileen (Aileen) JOHNSTON  was born on 22nd June 1881 in Stranorlar, Co Donegal, second child and only daughter of Dr Henry M. Johnston and his wife Mellicent.  She married Edward Humphrey (Teddy) BARTON on 11th February 1911.

Aileen and Kitty  right   

Edward was born in 1884,fourth son and fifth child of Colonel Baptist Johnston Barton & his wife Isabel née McClintock.  He was educated at Scaitcliffe School near Windsor and later at Highgate School, before going to an engineering college at Seaford.

He was adjutant in the Donegal Militia when it was disbanded shortly before the 1914-1918 war.  He served with the 10th Inniskillings in France for the duration of the First World War.  When fighting in the trenches, he noticed the waste of food and responded by organizing the keeping of two pigs behind the lines !

They had four daughters, Kitty, Isabel, Mella and Rosemary.  After the war, Teddy returned to Donegal and farmed, with his youngest daughter Rosemary, in Portsalon.  He died in July 1951 and Aileen in 1958.

They are both buried in Rosnakill in the parish of Clondevaddock, Co Donegal.



Isabel (left) and Kitty (right) Barton

Katherine Mellicent Frances (Kitty) BARTON born in Portsalon, Co. Donegal, on 24th December 1911, eldest daughter of Edward Barton & his wife Aileen née Johnston.  On 14th September 1935 at the age of 23 she married Cecil Albert Connolly McCLENAGHAN in Rosnakill Church, Clondevaddock, Co Donegal.

Kitty  and Cecil's wedding   

Cecil, Kitty , Harry Gill (best man) - and in front of him    Mella Barton (Harry's future wife),  Rosemary  Barton  

Cecil was born in Killaghtee Rectory, Dunkineely, Donegal, Ireland on 6 April 1902. He was the third child of Henry St.George McClenaghan and Constance Mary Louisa (Queenie) Warren. His father was rector of Killaghtee parish from 1895 to 1919 and he then became Archdeacon of Raphoe.  Together with his three brothers, Cecil attended The Royal School in Armagh, Co Armagh.

On leaving school Cecil joined Ralli Brothers, a trading company, and worked in  England before he was posted to India in 1923 and joined the Ferozepore Agency. Later he was  transferred to the Lyallpore Agency (now Faisalbad, Pakistan). In those days the main business of the company was in the export of grain, i.e. wheat, barley, chickpea flour, maize and oilseeds; and the import of cotton piece goods from Lancashire. Throughout his service both these trades gradually declined and the company's business came to be dominated by  the export of cotton.

Cecil was in charge of the Lyallpore Agency during the Second World War and during the difficult times leading up to the partitioning of India and Pakistan in 1947. Cecil sent Katherine and the children back to Ireland for their safety at this time. In 1954 Cecil retired from Pakistan and worked in the Liverpool Office of Ralli Brothers and they moved to Southport, Lancashire, England.

Cecil retired in 1961 and died on 16th April 1981 in Southport, aged 79.  Katherine moved to Harrison Cottage, Bilsborrow where she died on 1st March 2005, aged 93.  They had three sons.

"Aunt Kitty" is well remembered by the younger generation for her enthusiasm and help when work first began on this Johnston Story.

Isabel Alice BARTON was born on 1st June 1914. She was educated at Ashleigh House School in Belfast and then she trained as a Physiotherapist in Birmingham.  At the outbreak of the war, she joined the Red Cross and departed from Glasgow on a convoy to the Middle East. This was the beginning of her travels – she spent time in Egypt, Palestine,Italy, India, Palestine and Indonesia, finishing up in Singapore where she was Head Physiotherapist.

Isabel was in Indonesia when she met Michael MARRIOTT-DODINGTON whom she later married.  Michael was born in 1907, the youngest son of Lt-Colonel Roger Marriott-Dodington. He was educated at Radley College and then attended the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.  He joined the Somerset Light Infantry and was sent to Hong Kong.  Michael was then commissioned into the Indian Army, and fought on the Khyber pass against the Afghans.  He was then posted to Burma and fought under Field Marshal The Viscount Slim, against the Japanese.  Michael was the youngest full Colonel of the Indian Army when he was promoted at the age of 32 in 1939.  He was awarded the 1939-45 War Medal and the Star.  At the end of the war, he also received an OBE.

Michael came back to England on secondment and the British War Office then reassigned him to Indonesia.

Isabel & Michael thought it was not a good idea to return to the UK after the war.  They bought a map of the world and Isabel closed her eyes and pointed to … New Zealand !  They applied for assisted passage which was granted, and in 1947 off they went !  They arrived in Nelson at the north tip of South Island.

They thought about growing tobacco or having an orchard but eventually Michael became a grain & seed broker.  They lived in Timaru, South Canterbury for 17 years and returned to Nelson when Michael retired.

Michael died in June 1994 and Isabel in December 2010.  They had two daughters.  



Mella Edna BARTON was born on 6th November 1915.  She attended Ashleigh House School in Belfast with her sister Isabel.

The school was founded by Anne & Rosalind Shearman, daughters of the Rev Josiah Shearman, minister at St Matthew's Church, Belfast.  Mella very much enjoyed her time at the school and stayed in touch with the two sisters, who were joint headmistresses, until they died.

Mella met Henry Anderson Clifford GILL at her sister Kitty's wedding in 1935.  Cecil McClenaghan had brought Harry with him as best man.  They were both on leave from India.   Harry fell in love with Mella and would have married her on his next leave in 1939 - however war broke out so all the wedding arrangements had to be cancelled; Harry had to return to India at once and Mella followed a few months later and they married in Bombay on Christmas Eve.

Harry Gill was born in India in 1906, the eldest son of Colonel Clifford Gill who was a doctor in the Indian Army. After graduating from Cambridge, Harry returned to India in the Indian Civil Service where he remained until India became independent in 1947. Then he transferred to the Home Civil Service, latterly the Crown Estates Department, working in London and living in the village of Buckland in Surrey from 1947 until his death in 1980. He was also a keen botanist.  Mella and Harry had three children.

Harry  and Mella Gill  

Mella Barton

Rosemary Aileen BARTON was born on 13th September 1919.  She lived at home on the farm in Portsalon with her parents, Teddy & Aileen.  She is well remembered by the family and with great affection. 

When Teddy came home after the Great War, he was no longer able to do the physical work and so it was Rosemary who did the actual farming.  Grandchildren on holiday at their grandparents' thatched house with wonderful views across the garden to Lough Swilly, have enchanting memories of Rosemary, watching her making rope, helping her collect eggs, learning to milk the cows and being taken to church in Rosnakill in the pony and trap...

Rosemary married Henry BORLAND in May 1951.  They lived in Tamney, near Rosnakill.  Sadly, both Rosemary and Henry died young, in 1972.  They are buried in Rosnakill church graveyard.

Teddy Barton with Rosemary   

 Henry Stapleton Johnston

Ruth Evelyn Peel

J162563) Henry Stapleton JOHNSTON born in Stranorlar, Co Donegal. He qualified as a medical doctor in 1908. Her married Ruth Evelyn Atkinson PEEL, on 15th December 1909 in Christ Church, Leeson Park, Dublin. Ruth was born in Armagh on 4th June 1880. In 1914, Henry worked in Essex and then from 1924-55 in Wellington, Somerset. Henry died on 28th January 1955. Ruth died on 31st December 1973 They had two daughters :

J1625631 Mellicent Mary JOHNSTON was born on 21st June 1911 at West View, Bollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire.  Mellicent qualified as a medical doctor.  She died on 12th June 1988, at Little Oak, Waddicombe, Somerset

J1625632 Ruth Alice JOHNSTON was born on 8th April 1914 at Ivy House, South Ockendon, Essex.  She married  Kenneth Frank Hywel (Hywel) MURRELL, born 1908, on 17th September 1938 at the Parish Church in Wellington, Essex.

Hywel and Ruth Johnston  

J162564) Victor Ernest JOHNSTON born in Stranorlar, Co Donegal on 27th January 1887.


Albert Blennerhassett Johnston

J162565) Albert Blennerhassett JOHNSTON  born in Stranorlar, Co Donegal on 23rd October 1888. He was Paymaster Captain in the Royal Navy. He married  Ester Luttrell BAILEY. Albert died in 1954. They had one daughter:

J1625651) Pamela JOHNSTON

J162566) Herbert Augustus JOHNSTON was born in Stranorlar, Co Donegal on 28th August 1891. He was an undergraduate of Trinity College, Dublin.  He obtained his Certificate of Proficiency in Radiotelegraphy in September 1913 and worked for Messrs. Siemans Brothers, fitting wireless installations in many parts of the world.

From this employment, he entered the New Army for a year as a private before  joining the Royal Flying Corps and passed the Central Flying School Upavon Certificate "A".  As Second Lieutenant, he flew operationally with the N°1 Squadron from January 1916 and was killed by enemy shell-fire a few weeks later, on 4th March 1916.

The commander of the squadron wrote to Herbert's father, Dr Henry M. Johnston, to tell him that Herbert and a fellow officer had had the day off due to bad weather when a shell fell ten yards away, killing him and wounding his companion.  The commander added : « We are all extremely sorry about the whole thing, the more so because he was not only one of my best officers, but also a great favourite with all his brother officers. »

Herbert is buried in the Cité Bonjean Military Cemetery in Armentières, in the north of France.

Herbert Augustus Johnston

Henry Maturin Johnston married secondly Amy Cordelia CRAIG née SNOAD in December 1912 at St George's Church, Hanover Square, London.  

Amy was born in Yoxall, Lichfield, Staffordshire in 1866.  She married, firstly, James Craig at the beginning of 1887 and she was widowed in December the same year -  her husband died, aged 32.  In the 1901 and 1911 Census, Amy is living with her brother, Dr Philip Ephraim Snoad, in Aylestone Leicestershire. The 1911 Census also shows another brother, Dr Francis George Snoad and her elder sister Frances, also a widow.


Henry died on 9th July 1932, aged 82. Amy died in Warrenpoint, Co Down on 7th October 1940. They are both buried in Stranorlar graveyard, Co Donegal.

J16257) Augustus JOHNSTON born in Ramelton on 15th April 1852. He emigrated to Sydney, Australia around 1889 where he worked as a wool sorter. He remained a bachelor and died on 6th June 1911. He is buried in the Church of England cemetery, Rookwood, N.S.W.

J16258) James Stewart JOHNSTON born in Ramelton on 14th July 1853. According to Beamish family papers, James died "in his teens".

J16259) Arthur Alma JOHNSTON  born in Ramelton, Co Donegal on 3rd October 1854. He qualified as a medical doctor in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1876. Arthur worked in Ireland and England before becoming a ship's surgeon and met his future wife at a doctors' convention in Buenos Aires in 1879. Arthur married Giovanina (Nina) DE STRENS in St Philip's Church, Sydney on 1st December 1881. Nina, of Italian origin, was born in Brussels, Belgium about 1851.

Dr Arthur Alma Johnston

Giovanina Johnston

Arthur & Nina led a very nomadic life, starting in Parkes where their first five children were born.  Located on the central western slopes of the Great Dividing Range in the state of NSW, Parkes is situated 365 kilometres west of Sydney.  It was originally founded in 1853 as the Currajong Settlement, named for the abundance of Kurrajong trees in the area, but was then known as Bushman's, from the local mine, Bushman's Lead.  Renamed Parkes in 1873 in honour of Sir Henry Parkes, otherwise known as the "Father of the Federation" for his role in unifying Australia.  Parkes attracted significant attention during the gold rush of the 1870s onwards, and even to this day modern mining companies still have sites in the nearby region.
Another of Australia's gold rush towns of the 19th century is Moruya, situated on the south coast of NSW, where Arthur & Nina's son George was born.  When Alma was born, her father was superintendant at the Sunbury asylum, Victoria. (The building is a college today, now in a Melbourne suburb.)  The family then moved to Tasmania at the turn of the century, at Beaconsfield gold mine, where they lived in "Rose Cottage".  A photo of the doctor is still in the hospital there.  When the Beaconsfield mine closed, they went to live in Deloraine.He died (stroke) on 29th December 1915, aged 61, and is buried in   Deloraine, Tasmania. Nina died on 11th December 1918, aged 67. She is buried in St Saviour's cemetery in Punchbowl, Canterbury, N.S.W. Australia They had seven children :

Luigi Gino JOHNSTON 1882-1883            
Emilio Guido JOHNSTON born & died 1884
Gordon A. JOHNSTON  born & died 1885

Reginald, Alma, Maude and George

J162591) Reginald JOHNSTON born at Currajong Villa, Church Street in Parkes NSW on 6th April 1886. He was a car salesman and lived in Sydney where he  married Beatrice Harriett Gwynne UNDERWOOD in 1912.  Reginald died on 16th November 1962 aged 76, and was cremated at Woronora Crematorium.  Beatrice died in 1967, in Sutherland NSW.  They had four children:

J1625911) Arthur Hugh Gwynne (Bill) JOHNSTON, born in 1913 in Randwick, Sydney, nicknamed Bill by his father because he was born on January 1st when another bill arrived for payment on the first of the month !  The family lived in Neutral Bay until 1919.  They moved to Willoughby where Bill attended the Public School before going on to the North Sydney Intermediate High School. He joined the Water Board in 1929 and studied for and passed his Accountancy exams. Bill married Grace Eloise Goodwin (Bunty) in 1940 and they lived at Rose Bay.

Bill and Grace 
on their wedding day in 1940

In June 1941 Bill joined the A.I.F. and was stationed in Darwin with the Sparrow Force which was formed to defend the island of Timor from invasion by Japan.  He was despatched to Koepang, Timor where he was captured by the Japanese in February 1942 and interned in Changi prison.  As a POW he worked for a time on the wharves at Koepang and Batavia before being sent to construct the railway in Burma at Hellfire Pass, carrying bags of cement and sleepers to build the “Pack of Cards” bridge.  When he was suffering from Berri Berri and Trench feet, Bill was evacuated to a recuperation camp at Tamarkan. From there, he was sent to Japan to work in a copper mine and was released in September 1945.

On his return to Australia, Bill rejoined and embarked on a life-long career with the Water Board, a career for which, at one period, enabled him to proudly guide public tours of the emerging monolith that became Warragamba Dam.  Bill & Bunty lived in Como for nine years where their two sons were born.  They were active members in a small group which built and started St Anne's Church in Como. In 1956, Bill accepted a promotion to the newly-opened Water Board office in the remote outskirts of Wollongong.  He retired in 1971 having been given six months to live !  He & Grace travelled the world.

Music played a huge part in both Bill & Bunty's lives. Their mothers had met during Conservatorium studies. Bunty was a great pianist and they were both life members of the Wollongong Eisteddfod choral societies.

Bill died in 1999 and Grace in 2009. They had two sons.

J1625912) Kathleen JOHNSTON born 1914

J1625913) Cyril JOHNSTON born 1916

1625914) Rex JOHNSTON, youngest son of Reginald & Beatrice Johnston, born in 1928.  He was educated at the De La Salle school in Sydney and joined the Merchant Navy as an officer/cadet during the Second World War.  Later, Rex studied at a private Navigation School and obtained his Foreign-Going Master's Ticket and, in due course, became a ship's Captain and Torres Strait pilot.

He married
Judith on 26th April 1951 at St James' Cathedral, Townsville, north Queensland.  The bride's uncle, Dean of the Cathedral, officiated.

Rex had a massive heart attack and died in 1997.  His ashes were committed to the waters of Moreton Bay, Queensland on 23rd August 1997.  He & Judith had three sons.

J162592) Maude Nina Alma JOHNSTON born in Parkes NSW on 6th April 1888. She remained a spinster. During World War II she was in the Belgian Consulate in Milan, working for her uncle Emile de Strens.    
She lived in Wollongong, NSW and died on 25th October 1973.  She was cremated.

J162593) George Arthur JOHNSTON born in Moruya, NSW on 14th December 1889. George worked as a teacher and then in the First World War was in 3rd Light Horse in Galipoli. After the war he was a farmer and then a Health Inspector.  He married firstly Eileen GRIFFIN on 17th February 1917 and had 5 children :

J1625931) Emil Peter JOHNSTON was born on 29th June 1920 in Devonport, Tasmania, the eldest son of George Arthur Johnston & his first wife Eileen Griffin.  

His very early childhood was spent in Upper Burnie. Then the family moved to Wynyard where Emil went to the newly established St Bridget's Primary school, which opened in 1928.Emil’s secondary education was spread between St Virgils (as a boarder) and St Pats for various durations between 1935 and 1938. The family was now in Launceston. He lost his mother in a car accident in 1936.

Emil began work at The Forestry Commission in 1943 after graduating from the Australian Forestry School in Canberra. He was Regional Forester for the North East from 1947 and 1974 when he was appointed Chief of Division of Operations, based in Hobart.   Emil retired in 1982.  He went on to become Chairman of the Hollybank Forest Advisory Committee.  His skills and contribution to forestry were recognised in the early 2000s when he was admitted into the Institute of Foresters at a special ceremony in Hobart, for a lifetime of devoted work to Forestry Tasmania.

Emil married firstly Angela Margaret THOMAS in December 1944. Angela died in 2000, they had six children.  Emil married his golfing partner's widow in 2002, Lois CLEAVER.  Emil died aged 94 on 13th March 2015.  His funeral service was held at the church of St Francis, Trevalyn, Launceston and his ashes scattered on Angela's grave at Glengarry, West Tamar, Tasmania. 

J1625932) Arthur Joseph JOHNSTON born 24th August 1921 in Devonport, Tasmania.  He died on 13th May 2007, in Brisbane, Queensland.

J1625933) Eileen Giovanina JOHNSTON

J1625934) Desmond JOHNSTON born on 2nd March 1925.  He died on 24th August 1994.

J1625935) Mona JOHNSTON

The whole family was in a bad car crash in 1936. George & the children survived, but his wife Eileen died (25th March 1936).    He married secondly Mary Adeline (Mollie) McGEE on 20th September 1937 at the Church of Apostles, Launceston, Tasmania.  Mollie was born on 6th October 1907.   George died on 2nd April 1957. They had one son :

J1625936) Barry Anthony JOHNSTON

Mollie remarried, to George COULTHARD. She died on 23rd August 2001, aged 93.

J162594) Alma JOHNSTON, born in Sunbury on 30th September 1892. She married David R. YOUNG. Alma died in 1986. They had two children :


Yvonne YOUNG.

J1625T) Charles Inkerman JOHNSTON  born 19th October 1856 in Ramelton, Co Donegal

J1626) Edmond JOHNSTON born in The Copse, Rathdrum, Co Wicklow, and baptised 26th July 1818. Edmond appears in Griffith's Valuation as owner of property in Belvedere Place, Dublin with the Rev Benjamin Maturin (his cousin Anna's husband). He also owned property in Mountjoy Square East, with Charles Maturin.

J1627) William JOHNSTON born in The Copse, Rathdrum, Co Wicklow, and baptised 7th February 1820. Qualified as a solicitor and barrister, affidavit 1836, King's Inns, Dublin. In 1850 he is living at 9 Upper Pembroke St, Dublin.

William Johnston   

He emigrated to New Zealand (with 3 brothers) , on the “Agra” arriving Port Chalmers in May 1852. He farmed in Kuri Bush, Otago for 9 years and was Justice of the Peace from January 1859. He returned  to his profession as a solicitor, admitted to the NZ Law Society in 1862. Listed in Temuka in 1881. William married Mary FALCONER, a teacher who arrived from Scotland in May 1848 on the “Blundell”.  They were married on 16th November 1853, by Rev Henry Graydon Johnston, William’s brother,  at the house of Mr Dewe, Resident Magistrate, Tokomairiro, Otago.  Arthur Charles Johnston and Mr Dewe were witnesses.  
Mary died on 27th January 1862 (consumption) aged 33 years. She is buried in the Southern cemetery, Dunedin. They had 3 children :

J16271) Graydon Falconer JOHNSTON born in 1855.  He attended the Otago Boys’ School, Dunedin, from 1864 to 1869.  He died on 6th April 1876 (TB) aged 21 years. He is buried in the Anglican Section of Queenstown Cemetery, South Island, New Zealand.

J16272) Catherine Mary JOHNSTON, was born on April 3rd 1856 and christened on April 23rd (Presbyterian Baptismal Register for East & West Taieri, Native Village, Waihola). She appears in the 1881 Census as governess in school in England.  She then emigrated to Canada in 1883.
She married William HUTCHINS, a Tea Merchant of Montreal, Canada., on 19th September 1894.  The marriage took place in All Saints’ Church, Toronto.   

William was born in Somerset, England on 9th December 1848.  He had married firstly Ester Ann McArthur in 1873 in Montreal and had six children.  Once widowed, he probably employed Catherine Johnston as a governess for the children…  

In the 1901 Census, the family are living in London, Ontario.  Catherine (or Katherine) died aged 80 in Toronto on 22nd December 1936 and is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

William & Catherine had a daughter :

Ruth HUTCHINS, born 23rd February 1898.  Ruth was a secretary, aged 26, when she married John Bain STEWART on 24th September 1924, in St Thomas’ Church, Toronto.   

John was born in Duluth, Minnesota on 3rd February 1890, although both his parents were born in Canada. He was one of four children.  He married, firstly, Mary Rennie in 1913.  In November 1915, John was with the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force, having already spent 5 years with the 2nd Queen’s Own Rifles and was active in 97th Regiment of the Canadian Militia.  He served in the First World War as a lieutenant, rising to captain.  His first wife died of TB in 1921.  He was an Accountant residing in Toronto at the time of the marriage to Ruth.

Ruth & John moved to Qualicum Beach in British Columbia.  Ruth died in 1964 and John in 1971.

J16273) William JOHNSTON born on 16th August 1860 in Kuri Bush, Otago.  He  married Helen Sophia MATHER on 13th October 1897 in Trinity Church, Adelaide, South Australia.
William was Secretary of the Union Club in Sydney.   He died on 30th April 1926 aged 65.
He was cremated at Rookwood Cemetery.
Helen was born on 27th January 1873 in Streaky Bay, Karcultaby, South Australia, daughter of George Ernest Mather & his wife Mary née Titmus. She died in Chatswood, NSW, on 18th January 1958, aged 84. At the time, she was living with her son Graydon at 10 Raymond Rd, Neutral Bay. She was cremated at the Northern Suburbs Crematorium on 21st January 1958.

Helen with grandson William Willans

J162731) Graydon Mather JOHNSTON, born 5th November 1898 in Stirling West, South Australia.  He was enrolled in St Helier’s School in Auckland between October 1905 and February 1907 when the family went to Australia.   They settled in Bathurst, NSW where Graydon attended All Saints College until 1916.  He won a scholarship to study Law at the University of Sydney but after two years there he decided that it was not his calling.

Graydon left Bathurst and went to the far west of New South Wales to work as a Jackaroo and Book-Keeper on several large sheep stations in the area.  (Jackaroo is the Australian term for an agricultural trainee.)  After several years, Graydon returned to the farm at Oberon which was purchased by his father, William. Oberon is about 50 kms south east of Bathurst. 

Graydon & Mollie  at Oberon , NSW

Graydon married Mollie WILLANS in 1933, in Gordon, NSW, a suburb of Sydney.   He sold the property at Oberon and went back to Bathurst in 1940 to work in a Munitions Factory.  He was there for the duration of World War II.  Once the war was over, the factory closed down.

In 1946, he bought a large truck and became the first person to seriously motor-transport livestock in the Bathhurst district.  Graydon sold the business ten years later and went to work for the NSW Government Railways, where he remained until he retired in 1963.  He then bought the lease of the "Empire Hotel" in Newcastle and had a manager running the business for him.

Graydon died on 9th May 1967 at 18 Blandford St, Bathurst, NSW and was cremated at the Canobolas Crematorium. Mollie died in 1969.    They had one son :

J1627311) William W. JOHNSTON   Many thanks to « Jock » for all his help with the details of this family

William married secondly Eubertine Charlotte Susanna Ryder RICHARDSON, on 28th January 1863, at the house of F.L. Mieville, Dunedin - witnesses : Jas.L. Landen, Jane Purdie, F. Mieville. William died on 17th October 1885 aged 65 years. He is buried in Gore cemetery , plot 13, block 57.

Eubertine was born on 10th June 1842 in Tasmania to Arthur Mackinder RICHARDSON & his wife Ann née GREAVES (their marriage in Tasmania : 31st March 1840).  After the death of William, she moved to Wellington – “Pleiades”, South Road.  She appears on the 1893 Electoral Roll, the first year women were allowed to vote in NZ.  She is still there in 1902, her address is given on a military pension list for her son Charles.  In 1916, she is living at 120, Elizabeth Street, Wellington.  Eubertine died at 21 Batt Street, Palmerston North from Kumeroa,on 21st July 1926,  aged 84.  She is buried in Terrace End Cemetery, Palmerston North.  William & Eubertine had seven children :

J16274) Arthur Henderson JOHNSTON, born 23rd May 1863 in Dunedin.  He married Ida Rose MacPHERSON on 23rd June 1902 in Temuka. He was aged 39, she was 40.  Arthur was a Commission Agent, formerly of Masterton, later of Gisborne.  He died, intestate, on 11th November 1932, aged 69.  His address at the time of death was 114 Whitaker Street, Gisborne.  He was buried in Taruheru Cemetery on 13th November 1932.  His wife, Ida, died in 1957, probate in Auckland.  Arthur & Ida had no children.

J16275) Murray Eccles JOHNSTON, was born on 5th March 1866. He was drowned in Glenorchy on 9th February 1888 aged 22 years. He is buried in Queenstown cemetery with his half brother, Graydon.

J16276) Charles Frederick JOHNSTON, born 10th April 1868 in  Dunedin.  He volunteered for the Boer War and was posted as a trumpeter for the 8th Contingent of the New Zealand Mounted Rifles. On 27th January 1902 he had been noted as a shepherd living in Addington, Christchurch (NZ);  Addington is now a suburb of Christchurch.
His military record notes him as 5 ft 6 ½ ins with blue eyes and fair hair and fair complexion.  In June 1902 at Newcastle, Natal, he suffered one attack of rheumatic fever; after a second at Green Point, Capetown, on 16th August 1902, he was admitted to hospital at Wynburg, but discharged on 22nd Oct 1902.  He was readmitted to hospital on 11th Dec , after just seven months in South Africa, when the doctor diagnosed heart disease resulting from the rheumatic fever but, as there were no heart lesions, the doctor recommended light employment and a pension for 6 months.

He returned to New Zealand, requiring supervision as an out-patient which started in Wellington on 10th March 1903 and on 25th March the decision was made that his heart disease was probably permanent and the result of military duty but not while in action;  as he was capable of working he would receive a conditional Third Degree (i.e. half) pension of 1 shilling 3 pence per day for 12 months.  In a letter from Westminster Chambers, 13 Victoria St, London SW, dated 24th Dec 1903, it was stated that Charles was thereafter to receive 12 pence (one shilling) per day, as a member of the NZ Expeditionary Force and this was confirmed as a permancy on 6th February 1904.

Charles married Barbara Ellen AUSTIN on 9th July 1912 in All Saints’ Church, Foxton. Barbara, daughter of William George Hodder, had married firstly Herbert Austin in 1896. Herbert died in 1906.
In Dec 1916 Charles & Barbara were living in Foxton, Manawatu, with no children (under 16); he was a Protestant, a farmer and owned a coach, belonged to the Foxton Defence Rifle Club and was applying for the NZ Expeditionary Force (at the age of 48 with a heart condition after rheumatic fever !!!).
Their marriage was dissolved by decree absolute on 22nd August 1927.

Charles died in July 1938 aged 70. He is buried in Totara Memorial Park Cemetery.

J16277) Mary Eubertine JOHNSTON,  born 26th November 1869 in Dunedin, New Zealand.  She came to England to train as a nurse and appears in 1891 census, niece staying with her uncle, Dr Augustus Johnston, Ambleside, Westmorland. She married Dr John Price WILLIAMS, on 11th February 1897 in Ambleside. John Williams was a physician/surgeon , born in Chorley, Lancs.  

During the war Mary looked after the wounded New Zealand and Australian soldiers in the Manchester military district, managing a branch of the New Zealand Red Cross Society.  They lived in Swinton, Manchester and had two children.

John Williams, Mary and Edmund

When John Price WILLIAMS died in 1946, aged 81, his obituary was published in the British Medical Journal, describing him as an outstanding personality.  Educated at Denstone College, he obtained the M.R.C.S. and L.R.C.P. in 1888, the M.B. London in 1892 and the B.Sc.Vict. in 1904.  He became public vaccinator for Swinton and Pendlebury and medical officer to the Post Office.  

He retired to Bramhall and Ambleside, aged 70.  During his 47 years as a general practitioner, he endeared himself to his friends and patients and earned the regard and good will of his fellow colleagues.

Kathleen Mary Eubertine WILLIAMS, born 1901.  She went to St George’s School, Harpenden,Herts, a co-education school whose headmaster Dr.Cecil Grant was an outstanding man, intellectual/theologian/writer who had a great influence on her.

On leaving school she was accepted by St.Hughes College, Oxford, as a member of the first intake of women to be allowed to get a degree as up to that time degrees were only given to men. Sadly, Kathleen had to renounce her studies when her father ran into financial difficulty.  Her great passion was always books and reading and she opened The Times Book Club at Oxford. She met Roland Lionel RAYMOND at Oxford.

Kathleen and Roland's wedding

Roland played Rugby for Australia, a Wallaby, and got his Rugby Blue at Oxford, (in fact was chosen to play for England but was injured in the trials). Roland had already his medical degree from Sydney University and had won a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford. Kathleen & Roland married in England in 1926 and then went out to Sydney where he set up medical practice.

After the birth of their daughter in 1931, they returned to England for Roland to do another post graduate degree, the DOMS (degree in opthalmic surgery) at London university.  He then furthered his medical qualifications by obtaining  a degree at Edinburgh University in General Surgery, FRCS(Edin.)  

He then said he would like to learn to fly, so joined the RAF and got his wings.  The RAF posted him to India, where Kathleen and his daughter joined him.  Roland then joined the Indian Medical Service, and it was the IMS who sent him to Burma, where the family lived.  Roland & Kathleen had another daughter, born in London in 1935, but all four returned to Burma after her birth.

Kathleen and the girls were in England when war broke out.  When the London blitz started, Roland, away in Burma, advised Kathleen to take the family back to Australia.  So they joined the many women and children who were fleeing UK in passenger liners in escorted convoys.  After avoiding Japanese submarines in the Pacific, they safely arrived in Auckland where they stayed  with Fanny JOHNSTON (Kathleen’s adored unmarried aunt – Kathleen’s happiest memories of her childhood were when she stayed in Chipping Camden with Auntie Fan, who was a companion to Mrs.Gubbins – see below Fanny Johnston). 

They spent two months with “ Auntie Fan”, and then sailed for Sydney, Australia.

Kathleen & the girls lived in Armidale, NSW, during the war while  Roland, with the 4th Indian Division, fought with the Eighth Army in the desert with Monty against Rommel.  After the war he returned to Burma, where Kathleen joined him in Rangoon. He was head of the Rangoon General Hospital, and Professor of Surgery at Rangoon University, until Burma became independent in 1948, when all the whites were thrown out of the country.  They returned to Australia where Roland set up a practice in opthalmic surgery in Sydney.

Kathleen & Roland divorced in 1948 and Roland married again, to Agnes Irene LOCKHART.  Roland died on 29th January 1964.

Kathleen died in 1998, aged 97.

Edmund Johnston WILLIAMS, born 1906.  Edmund studied at Oxford and qualified as a medical doctor. He lived and worked as a GP all his life in Barnsley, Yorkshire.  

J16278) Fanny Kathleen JOHNSTON, was born in Ballyshannon, Co Donegal on 1st Dec 1871 , while William Johnston and family must have been back in Ireland from New Zealand for a few months.

Fanny Johnston joined the Gubbins family in New Zealand in the 1880/1890s , probably as a companion to Mrs Gubbins.  Arthur & Catherine Gubbins were both from Co Limerick, Ireland. They married in Ireland in 1878 and emigrated to NZ and farmed near Merrinsville.  Beatrice, their daughter, was born in 1884.
Arthur Gubbins died in 1902 and in 1903 Catherine & Beatrice Gubbins, with Fanny, went to England.  For seven years, they stayed with relatives and friends and even rented a house in Dublin.

In 1910 they settled down, in the Cotswolds at Chipping Camden.   Fanny Johnston was still with them.  From there they made trips to Ireland, Switzerland and other parts of Europe.  It was during this period that Fanny visited Scandinavia with her brother in law, Dr Williams, and her niece Kathleen, of whom she was very fond. (She later became godmother to Kathleen’s eldest daughter.)

Fanny with Kathleen and Edmund Williams

Catherine Gubbins died in 1918.  Her daughter Beatrice had trained as a physiotherapist and travelled on hospital ships back & forth between NZ and England.  After the war she set up a practice with a colleague in Wellington, NZ.

After 1918, Fanny joined the household of Mrs Georgina Battiscombe (it is not clear whether this is in England or in NZ).  Fanny looked after the children and spoke of Mrs Battiscombe as the finest character she had ever met !  Georgina Battiscombe wrote : "Mrs Gladstone - The Portrait of a Marriage".

Meanwhile, the Barton family had emigrated to NZ in 1851, living in Hamilton near Morrinsville.  Here, James Barton was born in 1886.  He had a career in the Army.  James was serving in England during WW1 and attended Catherine Gubbins' funeral in 1918. 
After the war, James remained in the Army in NZ and met Beatrice Gubbins from time to time in Wellington.  They married in 1923.
Their son Charles John Winthrop Barton was born in 1924.

When John Barton was born, Fanny joined the family in Blenheim, NZ, and became his godmother.  Beatrice Barton died just before the Second World War.  John joined the Air Force and served in England.  Fanny was with his father at Lucerne Rd during most, if not all, of this time.

Fanny in 1950

Fanny died on 21st February 1958.  Her funeral service was held in St Aidan’s Church, Remuera, followed by her cremation at Purewa Crematorium.

(We are very grateful to Mrs John Barton for all her help with the details of this chapter.  She wrote of “Auntie Fan” as one of the family, loved and beloved, loyal and caring and a dear friend.)

J16279) Capel Wolseley JOHNSTON, born 16th April 1877 in Queenstown, Otago,NZ.  Capel, aged 11, was admitted to school at High Street, Dunedin on 14th June 1888 when his mother was living at Stafford St.  His last school was Gore Primary School until July 1890 when he left to go to work, aged 13 years.

He married Anne Eliza Bevars SAMSON in 1909.  In 1918 he was living at Hataitai, Wellington and working as a clerk.  Capel appears in the Wellington East Electoral Roll in 1919. At the time of his death on 1st February 1948, Capel & his wife were living at 11 Kainui Rd, Wellington. He was cremated and his ashes scattered at Karori cemetery.
Capel & Anne had a daughter :

J162791) Phyllis Audrey Eubertine JOHNSTON, born 9th March 1911.  She married Kenneth Charles ROBERTSON in 1947.  Kenneth died in 1979 and Phyllis Audrey in August 1995.  They are both buried in Karori cemetery. 


They had a son :

        John Melrose ROBERTSON, born about 1948/1949

J1627T) Madeline Miéville JOHNSTON,  born 28th December 1879 in Temuka, Canterbury. NZ.  Madeline married Harold SHEFFIELD of Hawkes Bay on 21st August 1907 in St Mary's Church, Wellington. They were married by the Rev. J.G. Bartlett. 
Harold was born in Bombay about 1876, son of Duncan Sheffield & his wife Eleanor née Hazeldon.  He was a dairy farmer in Palmerston North where their address was 144 Fitzherbert Avenue. Harold died on 28th September 1964, aged 88 years.  Madeline died on 9th March 1972, aged 92.  They were both cremated and their ashes were scattered in Kelvin Grove Cemetery, Palmerston North.  They had no children.

J1628) Thomas JOHNSTON.  Born 26th September 1821 at The Copse, Rathdrum, Co Wicklow. According to Beamish family papers held by Liz Augereau and old letters from Dr Augustus Johnston's children, George & Emily, Thomas emigrated to Demerara where he worked on an Estate. He died there.

J1629) Henry Graydon JOHNSTON, born at The Copse, Rathdrum, Co Wicklow, on 16th November 1823 and baptised on 21st December. He graduated from TCD in 1846 and was ordained in 1847. Henry appears in the 1850 Dublin City Directory, living at his parents’ address, 9 Upper Pembroke Street.  In 1851 he was curate at Collon in the diocese of Armagh.

He emigrated to New Zealand in 1852 with his brothers William, Edward and Arthur where he was a priest at Otakou, Otago.  In 1853 he was Tutor to sons of John Jones at Matanaka, Waikouaiti when he brought an assault case against Mr Jones for £1500 damages.  He was awarded £150 (at the time his annual salary was £100 …)   Henry returned to England where he was curate in Sheringham 1857-8, High Wycombe 1858-9, Accrington 1859-61, Shirley 1861-63, Silverstone 1863-65, Brompton-Ralph 1865-72, Tolland 1872.

Henry married Maria Althea CROSS on the 16th October 1857 in St Margaret’s Parish Church, Ipswich, Suffolk.

Maria was born in Peasonhall, Suffolk and baptised in September 1836, daughter of Samuel Cross and Mary née Kersey .  She died in Brentford, 3rd Quarter 1903, aged 68.

Henry died in Tolland, Somerset on 18th  February 1897.  Probate was granted in Taunton on 7th April 1897 to the Rev Frederick Llewellyn Hughes. Effects : £439-18s-11d. 

Henry and Maria had four children :

J16291) George Henry Bernard JOHNSTON was born on 8th October 1859 in Hastingdon and baptised on 13th December in Accrington.  He joined the Devon Regiment and then went into the Indian Police, in the United Provinces, as Superintendent.  George married Nyanza May DAVIS in Axminster, 3rd Quarter 1895. Nyanza was born “at sea” about 1870.
George died in Evershot, Dorset, on 1st October 1930, aged 70.
Nyanza died in Lyme Regis, on 7th September 1946, aged 76.
They had two children :

J162911) Ronald Hilary G. JOHNSTON, born in January 1898 in Partabgarh, Oudh (Gonda), India.  Ronald and his mother appear in the 1901 Census, staying with his grandmother Lucy Davis, in Lyme Regis, Dorset.  He married  Evelyn Mary JACOB in the Cathedral in Allahabad on 21st December 1931.  Mary was born on 14th November 1897, the daughter of Rev William Jacob, canon at Canterbury & his wife (Emily) Mabel Hyde, later of Monkton-Wyld Rectory, Dorset.  

Ronald has written a memoir, dated 1980, « One Man's Life » which is available at the British Library.  He describes his life in the Indian Army, mainly on the North-West Frontier (1916-1922), and in the Indian Civil Service (1923-1947) chiefly in the United Provinces, apart from five years in Bengal (1935-1940).

When Ronald & Mary retired they returned to England.  They bought a house in Stoke Abbott, Dorset and nine acres of land and planted an orchard.  Mary died in August 1978 and Ronald in 1990, aged 92.  They are both buried in Stoke Abbott.  Ronald & Mary had two children :                                              

J1629111) Hilary Mary JOHNSTON

, born 7th November 1932, at St Stephen’s Hospital in Delhi.   She married John Whitaker SWEET-ESCOTT (1925-1999) on 21st May 1956.  They have four children.

J1629112) (Bernard) William JOHNSTON

 was born on 8th September 1935 at Monkton-Wyld Rectory, Charmouth, Dorset. He died, following an accident, in Darjeeling, India in 1940.

J162912) Margery Maturin Christabel JOHNSTON, was born in India on 29th January 1903 and christened in Muttra, Bengal on 22nd February 1903.  She married Ernest Victor SMALL.  Victor was born on 27th March 1896, the son of Charles SMALL.  He was an electrical engineer and he and Margery were married in Calcutta, Bengal, India on 19th October 1931.  

They retired to Dorset, England.  Victor died in 1975  and Margery on 30th March 1983.  They had a daughter :

Nancy Juliet SMALL,  born 15th August 1933 in Calcutta, India and christened in St Paul's Cathedral, Calcutta on 7th October 1933.

Nancy married John LOCK, son of Mr & Mrs F. E. LOCK, in 1956.

Nancy died in Surrey in 1983, aged 49.

J16292) Edith Mary JOHNSTON born on 19th October 1860, and baptised on 26th April 1861 in Accrington, Lancs.  She died in Tolland, 2nd Quarter 1878, aged 17.

J16293) Percy Henderson JOHNSTONwas born on 24th November 1866 and baptised on 26th May 1867 in Brompton-Ralph, Somerset.  He emigrated to the United States in 1886. Percy joined the U.S. Navy in 1894, serving on the U.S.S. Independence, Monterey, Nero, Olympia, Baltimore, Callao, Glacier and Oregon.  Naturalized, he was discharged in 1901 and went to live in California where he is a lodger in the 1910 census living in Vallejo, Solano with Richard & Anna Moore, working as an engineer in the Navy Yard.

Percy married Anna H. HUFFMAN on 29th July 1913 in Marin, California.  Polk's Vallejo City Directory shows Percy living with Anna until 1933.  The same directory shows him living with May in 1935…  Five years later, in 1940, according to another directory, Percy is living with Stella G. !

Estella Gertrude OSBORNE was Percy's third wife and he was her third husband !  She was born in Pennsylvania in 1873.  When she was 20 she married George Clayton Price and had a son Reginald.  Stella married secondly Edward McLean in 1905.  They moved to Canada in 1911, residing in Point Grey, B.C.  Her son John McLean was born there. The family moved back to the United States and in 1930 Stella is widowed and living in Turlock, Stanislaus, California with son John, listed as a poultry farmer. In 1940, Percy & Stella are living in Tuolumne, California and in 1947 they are in Los Gatos, 121 Olive Avenue.

Percy died in September 1950 and is buried in the Golden Gate National Cemetery, (U.S.Veteran site), San Bruno.   Stella died in 1954 in Clackamas, Oregon and is buried in San Bruno, California. 

J16294) Selbourne JOHNSTON, born 3rd Quarter 1876 in Tolland, Somerset. Selbourne appears in the 1901 Census, as a Corporal in the Royal Marines Barracks in Alverstoke, Hampshire.  He is also listed as member of the crew on the “West Kader” sailing from Fushiki, Japan to Astoria, Oregon in July 1927 and on the “Kentucky” from Shanghai to Astoria in May 1934.  Selbourne died in Siskiyou, California on  20th July 1955 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Siskiyou.

J162T) Edward JOHNSTON born on 13th July 1825 at The Copse, Rathdrum, Co Wicklow.Emily_Johnston_(nee_Chittock) Graduated from Trinity College, Dublin - BA 1851. He emigrated to New Zealand with William, arriving Port Chalmers in May 1852. He married Emily CHITTOCK (pictured right), on 27th February 1862 in Dunedin, Otago. Emily was born in St John’s Wood, London, on 11th October 1842, third child of Frederick Camel CHITTOCK and his first wife Rachel MASTERS.  Rachel died after the birth of their fourth child and Frederick married secondly Sophia BARTON.  Frederick and Sophia had three children before emigrating to New Zealand in 1857 and had another three in NZ.

Edward & Emily lived initially at Otokia on the Taieri Plains, south of Dunedin and Edward had a carting business of six bullocks and a dray.  He and his brothers in law, James & Edward Chittock, drove the bullock teams from Dunedin to towns in Southland and Central Otago during the gold rush, carrying produce, supplies and hardware.   Edward appears in Wise's Dunedin Directory in 1866, a farmer, address : The Copse, Saddle Hill.

After farming, Edward Johnston was first teacher at Kyeburn School and then Moa Flat Schook at Ettrick.  Later, he used to travel around the towns in the Beaumont area as a preacher.  A controversial writer and speaker in religious matters, he was forthright in his opinions.  He was never referred to as a reverend, pastor or father so he was probably a self-proclaimed preacher.  This was not uncommon in those days as, during the gold rush years, the numbers of single men in the region well exceeded women.  Drink, crime and womanising were prevalent, an ideal place for an educated man to lecture to the masses on these “demons” !!!                                                              

When Edward died on 22nd June 1896, their address was Costerphine Creek, Beaumont.  Situated five miles up river from Beaumont Bridge, the Johnston family home in wattle and daube was built by Edward and Emily’s children and Emily thatched the roof of tussock grass...                                        

Emily died on 31st August 1899.  She and Edward are buried in Beaumont cemetery.    They had two children:

J162T1) Edward Augustus JOHNSTON, born 16th February 1863 at Otokia, Taieri Plains.  Edward married Isabella Geddes GRANT in July 1901.  The Grant family had a big sheep farm near the Shotover river. 

Edward Augustus was a dredge master on the mining dredges – Gold Terrace no. 1 and Olrig.  Isabella died in 1941 aged 66 years and “Gus” died in 1952, aged 89.  They had no children.

Edward_Augustus_JohnstonEdward Augustus

and Isabella

J162T2) Catherine JOHNSTON
, born
11th May 1871 at Otokia, Taieri Plains (pictured right)  Known as Kate Spence, at the age of 16, she married Andrew WATSON from Dunfermline, Scotland, on 14th July 1887.  They were married by the Rev W. Grant in the Congregational Church in Port Chalmers.

Andrew was born in Dunfermline, Fife on 3rd October 1860, fourth child of Andrew Watson & his wife Isabella née Inglis.  Andrew was listed originally as a mariner.  He & Kate Spence lived at Beaumont and Andrew worked as a labourer on the railway, and then became a steam engine driver.

They moved to 44 Carr Street, Dunedin in about 1922 where he worked as the boiler attendant at the Moray Place Tepid Baths.

Andrew died on 3rd August 1930 and Kate Spence in 1962, aged 90.  They are both buried at Anderson’s Bay cemetery, block 130, plot 0070.

The Watson family home at Beaumont, Central Otago, NZ circa 1916
Standing - Christina Victoria 1887-1963; Charles Hector 1902-1979; Augustus James
1895-1962; Emily Violet 1891-1982
Seated - Kate Spence; Andrew
Front - William Stanley 1903-1972; Albert Inglis 1897-1980

They had seven children :

Christina Victoria WATSON  born 24th May 1887, she married William Townsend HARVEY on 8th January 1919. Christina died on 12th January 1963.  They had five children :

Vivan Chittock HARVEY, born 1920 in Dunedin.  He remained a bachelor.  He died at 52 Bonnington St, Dunedin on Christmas Day 1972 and is buried in Anderson’s Bay Cemetery, Block 219 Plot 0079.

Pearl Catherine HARVEY, born 9th December 1923 in Dunedin.  She married Frederick B. COUSINS (born 1926).
Frederick died on 19th November 1970 and Pearl on 4th August 2000.  They are buried in Marsden Valley cemetery, Nelson, plot 273.      They had four children.

Violet May HARVEY, born 2nd May 1926 and lived in Queenstown. She married Frank BROUGH.  They had two children.

Dorothy Heather HARVEY, born 18th April 1928 in Dunedin.  She married George C. PORTEOUS (born 1929)
Dorothy died at her grandparents original address, 44 Carr St, Dunedin on 3rd December 1997.  She was cremated and her ashes were scattered.
Dorothy & George had two children.

Dulcie Winifred HARVEY, born 13th March 1930 in Dunedin.  She married James S. McCRORIE.
They have two daughters.

Emily Violet WATSON, born 24th January 1891.  The young man she loved was killed in WW1.  She never married .  Emily lived at Cherry Farm, Waikouaiti.  She died on 8th February 1982, aged 91.  

Rose G. WATSON , born and died 1892.

Augustus James Frederick WATSON, born 19th April 1895.  Augustus married Mary (Molly) KENNETT on 19th September 1922 in Dunedin.  Molly was born in 1891 at Lake Wakatipu.  They lived at 3 Frame St, Dunedin.  Augustus died on 16th September 1962 and Molly on 31st December 1973.  They had two children :
Kennett Andrew WATSON, born 5th September 1924 in Dunedin.  He married Rita Irene GODSO (born 3rd July 1923). They lived at 74 Knowles St, Christchurch.   Rita died on 18th February 1989 and Kennett in 1998.  They had three children.

Jean Rees WATSON, born 21st July 1929.  She married Joseph HARPER (born 10th August 1927 in Stillwater, West Coast) on 20th October 1951.  They have three children.

The Watson family at Carr Street, Dunedin at Christmas 1957
Standing Bill, Bert , Charlie and Gus (Augustus)
Sitting  Christina, Kate and Emily 

Albert Inglis WATSON, born 8th April 1897.  Albert remained a bachelor and lived in his parents’ home, 44 Carr St Dunedin.  He died on 11th June 1980.  He was cremated and his ashes scattered.

Charles Hector WATSON, born 12th March 1902 .  He never married and lived with his brother Albert at 44 Carr St, Dunedin. 
He died on 5th February 1979.  He was cremated and his ashes scattered.

William Stanley WATSON born on 24th June 1903, he married Ethel Jessie NAYLOR (born 1904) on 16th September 1922.  William was a steam engine fireman and then an engine driver in Dunedin.  They retired to and lived at 99 Chelmsford St, Invercargill.  William died on 3rd June 1972 and Ethel on 19th June 1993.  They are both buried in the Eastern Cemetery,  Block 36, plot 820A.  They had four children.

Bill and Ethel   

 Stanley WATSON, born on 5th September 1925 in Balclutha.  He married Gwen Laurette QUELCH in Waikiwi on 4th June 1949.  Gwen died on 28th December 1996 in Devonport, Auckland.  She is buried at Schnapper Rock Road, Central Mixed Section 4, Row D, plot 84.     They had six children.

Bruce William WATSON, born 14th April 1927 in Dunedin. He married Maureen Patricia O’CALLAGHAN in Lumsden, Southland, on 7th February 1959.  Brian died at 13 Folia St, Lumsden, on 7th August 2000 and Pat on 21st March 2007.  They had five children.

Nancy Mavis WATSON, born 21st December 1929 in Dunedin.  She died on 5th November 1997 in Whangaparaoa, Auckland.  She married Lenard O. BROUGH in 1952 in Invercargill.  Nancy had three children.

Joyce Eleanor WATSON, born 23rd September 1931 in Dunedin.  She married Trevor Russell JACKSON on 28th September 1954.  They have two children.    

J162E) Augustus JOHNSTON born on 12th March 1828, eighth son of Benjamin Johnston & his wife Catherine née Graydon, christened on 13th April 1828 in Rathdrum, Co Wicklow.  Qualified from Trinity College, Dublin as a medical doctor in 1853. He began his practice in Hawkshead and later moved to Ambleside where he & his family lived in Gale House.

He was an admirable example of that now fast disappearing type, the old-world " family physician."  A man of wide and varied culture, gifted with a lively imagination and a large and gracious sympathy; of refined and gentle courtesy, genial and cheery in temperament, and at the same time skilful in his profession and well abreast of the advancing knowledge of the day, he quickly became to his patients something more than a medical adviser. 

Outside his profession he had many interests. Of a singularly open mind, he pursued with avidity any path that seemed to make for wider knowledge. He was a great temperance advocate, an adept in shorthand and in Esperanto.

He married Mysie RIGBY in November 1860 in St Peter's Church, Dublin.  His brother, the Reverend Henry Graydon Johnston conducted the service.  Mysie was born in 1832.  They had six children, two daughters and four sons. Mysie died in 1880, aged 44 and is buried in Ambleside graveyard.   

Augustus Johnston (photo by kind permission of 
Milford on Sea Historical Record  Society - Maude Speed album 129)

J162E1) Benjamin Rigby JOHNSTON was born in September 1861 in Dublin. He was educated at Rossall School and in Dublin and Brussels, qualifying as a medical doctor in 1884, also M.R.C.S. Eng. and M.D. Brussels in 1890.  After various resident appointments in Dublin hospitals he became a ship surgeon in 1886 to the Far East;  he then acted as assistant at Birkenhead for a year or two and in 1888 settled in Grasmere, where he practised continuously for 58 years.  He remained a bachelor and lived at Rose Cottage, Grasmere, with his sister Katherine.  He had numerous interests, especially literary and archaeological, being secretary to Dove Cottage and the Wordsworth Museum.  He died on 17th March 1946, aged 84, and was buried in Grasmere Cemetery after a funeral service at St Oswald's Parish Church.

Benjamin Rigby Johnston 

J162E2) William Arthur JOHNSTON born in 1863 in Hawkeshead, Lancs. He qualified as a medical doctor in 1886. He married Emily BOWATER in Bangor, 4th Quarter 1896.  They had no children. In the 1913 Medical Directory he is practising in Ravenglass, Cumberland.  William died on 29th March 1933 and is buried in Muncaster.

J162E3) Augustus Henry Graydon JOHNSTON, third son of Augustus & Mysie,  born about 1865 in Hawkeshead, Lancs. He qualified as a medical doctor in 1886. He married Isabel TOSH in Ulverston, 4th Quarter 1899.  Isabel was born in Ulverston, 3rd Quarter 1876. Augustus worked in Heysham and Scunthorpe. He died in Hendon on 24th March 1932 aged 68 years, and is probably buried in Scunthorpe. Isabel died 1st Quarter 1935, in Carlisle. They had two sons :

 Isabel pictured right with baby Hugh, 
her mother (left) and sister 

J162E31) Hugh Graydon JOHNSTON
was born 2nd Quarter 1900 in Heysham. Hugh was motor salesman, living at 14 Holmstall Avenue, Edgware, Middlesex when he married Elsie Ada JONES, in Scunthorpe on 7th June 1930.  Elsie was born in 1902. Hugh bacame a vacuum cleaner salesman.

Hugh & Elsie's wedding in 1930 with Elsie's sister Ida and flower girl, her niece Joan

During the war, Hugh was away for 6 years in the R.A.F. and Elsie & their two children followed him around from station to station in a little Austin 7 !
After the war in 1946, Hugh & Elsie (Pop & Marty) bought a restaurant with Hugh’s de-mob pay, The Chequers Tea Room in Rickmansworth.  The restaurant didn’t do well, they took a long time to learn the ropes…  They eventually sold up and decided to join their son Peter in Southern Rhodesia (1956), with their daughter Susan.
Hugh had a slight heart attack on arriving in Salisbury so he immediately bought a farm  in Banket, although Peter felt that he hadn’t acquired enough experience. (Banket is about 100 kms north of Salisbury)     Hugh died in 1969.  The farm was sold and  Marty moved into a small cottage beside Peter & Pam’s house.  She helped a lot looking after her grandchildren.  She died in 1997, aged 96.

J162E311) Peter Richard Graydon JOHNSTON, born in Scunthorpe on 8th March 1931.  He was educated at Rossall School, Fleetwood, Lancs.  When he left school he worked as a farm labourer and then emigrated to Southern Rhodesia in 1954.  He worked as assistant on a farm in Ingledorn.
Peter then ran the family farm in Banket , with his sister.  They grew tobacco, sunflower, cotton and beans, with a shop and a school and daily clinic for their African workers.
The farmhouse, which was built with homemade bricks and a thatched roof, was in a very bad state of repair when they arrived.   Their African workers lived in thatched huts. None of them spoke English so Peter & Susan had to learn Chilapalapa, a mixture of Africaans and Shona …
It was very, very hard work but a good healthy life.     
Peter met his future wife out there – Pamela Margaret ASKE.  Pamela was born in Halifax, Yorkshire and was working as a theatre nurse in Southern Rhodesia for a year.
The farm was sold at the beginning of the 1970s.  Peter went into the Cotton Co-op as a consultant and later worked for Dellswear and Saybrook, dress manufacturers, before opening a pharmacy with his wife Pam.                        
Peter died on 19th November 2001.    They had four children.

Peter, Susan, Marty & Hugh in 1948

J162E312) Susan JOHNSTON  
Special thanks to Sue who lives in Harare for all her help in writing this chapter of the Johnston Story.   Research on this branch of the family was proving difficult until her nephew Mark, in Mozambique, found the Maturin/Johnston site on internet and got in touch.

J162E32) Geoffrey Augustus Graydon JOHNSTON, born 11th July 1908, Clifford House, Brough, Kirky Stephen.  He was educated at Rossall School, Fleetwood, Lancs.  
Geoffrey joined the RAF (Squadron Leader, decorations MiD 1943, CBE 1949 – CO August 1939-April 1940) promoted to Group Captain July 1947, retired December 1957).
He married Kathleen Irene WOLFE in Kensington, 2nd Quarter 1940.  Kathleen was born in Hong Kong on 21st January 1919.

Geoffrey, Peter and Hugh (right)

After the war Geoffrey was stationed in the UK until 1947 when he was posted to RAF Changi in Singapore.  He and the family were there until 1950 (he helped design the golf course at Changi  and was an avid golfer for most of his life). 
In the early fifties he was commanding officer at RAF Hemswell in Lincolnshire and then at RAF Scampton also in Lincolnshire.  In 1954 he was stationed at HQ Bomber Command in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. 
In 1956 he was posted as Air Attache to Cairo and was there during the ‘Suez crisis’.  The family were sent home in September 1956 and Geoffrey was interned in the British Embassy until December of that year.
He was retired from the RAF in late 1957 and the following year joined the Colonial Service and was posted to Nigeria. He was there for self-government and a year later for Independence.  Geoffrey and Kathleen were posted to various places in Northern Nigeria and he retired again in 1967.
Kathleen died in April 1990.  Geoffrey died in Cheltenham in July 1994.  They had two children.

J162E4) Katherine Frances JOHNSTON born in 1866 in Hawkeshead, Lancs. She remained a spinster and lived with her brother Benjamin in Grasmere (1901 census) She died in 1934, and is buried in Grasmere.

J162E5) George Ainslie JOHNSTON born in 1869 in Hawkeshead, Lancs, he qualified as a medical doctor in 1888 and practised in Ambleside, Westmoreland for more than fifty years. He remained a bachelor and died on 8th June 1949, aged 81. He is buried in Ambleside.

One of his patients was the well-known exiled German artist, Kurt Schwitters.  George was more than his doctor, he was a good friend and they used to play chess together in the evening.  The portrait of Dr George Johnston (right) is one of the best known of  Schwitters’ Ambleside works.  See the Armitt Collection website for more information.

© The portrait by Schwitters is reproduced by kind permission of
 The Armitt Collection, Ambleside

J162E6) Emily Mysie JOHNSTON born about 1869 in Hawkeshead, Lancs. She lived with her father and brother George in Ambleside. She remained a spinster and died on 7th July 1950, aged 82. She is buried in Ambleside.

In 1883, Augustus married secondly Judith Ann METCALFE, born 11th May 1839. He died on 6th September 1907, aged 79.  He is buried in Ambleside. Judith died on 27th September 1919 and is buried in Ambleside.

Thank you to Jean Johnston who was a great help with the research into the Ambleside branch.

J162Tw) Arthur Charles JOHNSTON born in Dublin on 16th November 1833 (Upper Pembroke St) and baptised in St Peter's Church, Dublin on 3rd January 1834. He emigrated to New Zealand with William and Edward. He married Sarah Annie PETCHELL in 1863 in Balclutha, Otago. They had no children. He died on 22nd July 1876 aged 41 years (pleuro-pneumonia). He is buried in the Southern cemetery, Dunedin.

J163) John JOHNSTON born 1780, married Anne ??. They lived in Ashley Lodge, Ballymacarrett, Co Down, near Belfast. Anne Johnston died on 25th May 1820, aged 33 years.

See the "Ballymacarrett" sub-page - click here.

John and Anne had 3 children :

J1631) John JOHNSTON son of John & Anne Johnston, Ashley Lodge, Ballymacarrett. (No other information)

J1632) Anna JOHNSTON born around 1817, she married the Rev Benjamin MATURIN on 3rd June 1840 in St Peter's Church, Dublin. She died in at Fannet Glebe May 1842 aged 25. They had one son :

- Henry (see MATURIN)

J1633) Margaret JOHNSTON born in May 1818, she died on 13th July 1821, aged 3 years. She is buried in Clifton St cemetery, Belfast.

John married secondly Agnes GEMMILL on 14th November 1823 at Rosemary St Presbyterian Church, Shankill, Belfast. Witnesses : John Gemmill and Margaret Wilson. John Johnston died in February 1833, aged 53. He is buried in Clifton St Graveyard, Belfast. Agnes remarried, to Dr John Scott on 9th April 1835. She died on 12th June 1845 and is buried in Clifton St Graveyard. John and Agnes had 3 children :

J1634) Robert JOHNSTON, born 1826. He died in Bangor , Co Down on 14th May 1843 and is buried in Clifton St cemetery.

J1635) Edmond JOHNSTON son of John Johnston & his second wife Agnes née Gemmill, (No other information)

J1636) Mary Elizabeth Catherine JOHNSTON born in 1831. She married Dr John Milford BARNETT, in Trinity Church,Paddington parish, Middlesex on 14th October 1859. John Barnett was born in Belfast on 28th September 1830, son of Richard Barnett of Belfast and Holywood and Sarah, daughter of John Milford. John Barnett was educated at Trinity College, Dublin and Edinburgh University and joined the Bombay Artillery in 1853. He served as surgeon (rank of Major) with the 26th Bombay Regiment. John Barnett retired from the Army in 1869. Vice-President of the Irish Temperance League, he formed the Holywood Band of Hope, with double pledge,and 300 members; in Belfast his years and energies were occupied with the work of numerous missions and associations, including the Presbyterian Orphan Society for all Ireland. Mary died at Croft House, Holywood, Co Down on 16th February 1875 aged 44 years. She is buried in Clifton St cemetery, Belfast.

Dr Barnett - photo found by Susan House and contributed to this site following her research, together with the picture of Edith Isobel / Elizabeth Isobel below.  We are very grateful for Susan's generosity.

They had seven sons :

Son, born 1st November 1860, in Ahmedabad,India. Died young.

John Gemmill BARNETT, second son of Mary née Johnston & John Milford Barnett, born on 29th April 1862, in Deesa, India. Educated at Lurgan College and Heversham Grammar School, Kendal (Cumbria). He was a businessman and travelled from Belfast to Argentina – Rosario, Alberdi province of Santa Fe - as of representative of Lloyds. He married Susan Marsh in 1894 (Belfast). In England, they lived at Lavender Lodge, Biddenham, Bedfordshire. Susan died on 6th June 1936. 

John Gemmill Barnett

John and Susan had four children :

Gladys Antoinette BARNETT, born 29th January 1895 in Riverside, Rosario de Santa Fé, Argentina. Christened on 3rd July 1895 in St Bartholomew’s Anglican Church in Rosario. Gladys married Lieutenant George Aubrey Thomas DARBY, Honourable Artillery Company, at the Chapel Royal, Tower of London, on 4th July 1918.    Lt. Darby was born in Wandsworth, 4th Quarter 1890. He was awarded a Star Medal in 1914-15 when Captain.  Promoted to Lieutenant in 1916, he obtained the British War and Victoria medals in 1918.       They had a son:

Nigel A.B. DARBY, born 1st June 1921. He joined the Royal Engineers and was killed in action on 7th June 1941, aged 20.  He is buried in grave 23262, St Mary’s Avenue, Brookwood Cemetery, Surrey..

George and Gladys divorced in October 1931.
George remarried in 2nd Q 1932, to Marjorie SOMERSMITH née DUNCAN. He died in 1960.

Gladys married secondly on 27th September 1933, Major Philip Claude NICHOLLS, at St Ethelburga-the Virgin, Bishopsgate. Philip, son of the Rev & Mrs F.H. Nicolls of Woodbridge, Ipswich was born in 1893. He died in 1956. Gladys died on 17th September 1969 and was cremated at Golders Green.

John Maurice BARNETT, born 27th March 1898, in St Leonards on Sea.  John married Georgina Margaret ARNOLD-FOSTER, on 15th October 1949, at Shalford Parish Church.  Georgina was born 22nd July 1908 and died in July 1987.

Richard Dennis Gemmill BARNETT, born 1906. He married Evelyn ALLEN in 1933.
They had a son :

Richard BARNETT, born 1935

William Reginald Neville Bruce BARNETT, born 1908. Neville married Dawn Newsome BAXTER 2nd Quarter ?(Dawn (Aurora Mary Elizabeth Newsome) born 14th March 1907, died in 1981.) They had a daughter:

Mary Elizabeth BARNETT

Milford Bruce BARNETT, third child of John and Mary Barnett, born 19th November 1863, in Deesa

Son, fourth child of John and Mary Barnett, born 27th October 1865, in Deesa. Died young

Kennet Bruce BARNETT, fifth child of John and Mary Barnett, born 22nd September 1867, in Holywood, Co Down. Educated at Methodist College, Belfast and Heversham Grammar School, Kendal (Cumbria). He studied medecine at Queen’s College, Belfast and joined the Army Medical Service as surgeon lieutenant in 1894. Surgeon Captain 1897; Major 1905; Lieutenant-Colonel 1915; served in the Tirah campaign North West Frontier 1897-8 and in World War I. Kennet retired in 1919. He married Rosa A. FENTIMAN in Paddington, 4th Quarter 1927. They lived at Oakwood, Ledborough Lane, Beaconfield, Buckinghamshire. (Rosa Alice HUMPHRIES was born in 1871 in St Olave. She married firstly John Percy FENTIMAN in 1893 and had a son, John Fentiman.) Kennet died 31st August 1941 aged 72. Rosa died in 1942 aged 71. On the death of his wife, Kennet left £1000 to Dr Barnardo’s Homes, £1000 to Epsom College and £500 to Heversham Grammar School.

Dr John Milford Barnett with Kennet, Ashley and Leslie in about 1905
Photo taken by Selina

Leslie BARNETT, sixth child of John and Mary Barnett, born around 1869. Educated at Heversham Grammar School, Kendal (Cumbria)

Heber Hope Johnston BARNETT, seventh child of John and Mary Barnett, born around 1872. Educated at Heversham Grammar School, Kendal (Cumbria)

 "J Milford Barnett MD  ?? H.M.'s Indian Army, College Gardens, Belfast Nov 1880" written on back.  Photo by R Seggons of 13 Castle Place, Belfast. 

John Milford Barnett married secondly Selina Boyd, in Sept 1875 in Clifton, Gloucestershire. John Barnett died in 1913 in Bexhill-on-Sea, aged 83. Selina died in 1927. They had three daughters (1901 Census) :

Mary Florence Boyd BARNETTborn in Ireland 1876. In both the 1901 census sheets Mary is living at home with her parents, at 21 Amherst Road, Bexhill on Sea, Sussex.
After their deaths, Mary travelled, to Australia, probably to see her sister & family (1930) and then she is on the passenger list of a ship going from Honolulu to San Francisco in February 1931.
She lived at 6 Marine Parade,  Ventor, Isle of Wight and died there in 1952. 

Mary, Isabel and Adela    

Edith Isabel Campbell (Isabel) BARNETT, born about 1878, in Ireland.  

Susan House found this photo marked "Edith Isabel Campbell Barnett", together with the above picture of Dr John Barnett, in a bought album.  This was taken in May 1878, when she was seven months old, by E T Church of Belfast who was in business between 1870 and 1879.

On 4th June 1901, Isabel married Stanley Charles Wentworth WILSON at St Leonards on Sea, Sussex. Stanley was born in 1872 in Armidale, NSW, Australia, son of Irish-born parents, Charles Graham WILSON & his wife Annie Jane née McBride. Stanley's father Charles was Mayor of Armidale for five terms between 1890 and 1907 and also Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly 1898–1901.

Isabel & Stanley went out to Australia after their wedding.   Stanley was an Auctioneer in Armidale.  The Wilson family house, “Loombra”, was built in the late 1880s for Charles Wilson, a stock & station agent, and it remained in the family until 1945.  The house has many typical late Victorian features : bay windows, cast-iron veranda decoration and bull-nosed iron roofing.

Stanley and Isabel in 1901

Stanley died in London, England in March 1944 and is (probably) buried in Amberley, Gloucestershire.  Isabel died in Brisbane, Queensland in July 1951.  They had five children:

Milford Graham WILSON,  born in Armidale, NSW, in 1902. Milford qualified as a Medical Doctor and he practiced in Toowoomba, Queensland.  He married Edith TALBOT in 1928 in Woollahra, NSW.

Talbot Milford Stanley WILSON  1929-2012

Laura Isabel WILSON, born in Armidale, NSW, in 1903.  Laura married Robert Arundel MacKENZIE in Armidale, NSW, at St Peter's Cathedral in 1926. Robert was born in 1902 in Dubbo, NSW, son of Arthur Swinton MacKenzie & his wife Eve née Tibbitts.  He was a Grazier in Tullochard, Mitchell, Queensland, a long-established pastoral station.  Robert died in October 1969 and Laura in August 1979, both in Toowoomba, Queensland.  They had five children : 

Robert Jock Milford MacKENZIE

Alan Stanley MacKENZIE

Peter Arundel MacKENZIE

Bruce Swinton MacKENZIE  1933-1996

Patricia Laura (Pattie) MacKENZIE

Arthur Stanley WILSON,

born 28th October 1907.  He attended the Armidale School before going to Oxford University in England and graduated B.A., B.C.L. and practised as a Barrister at the Middle Temple in London.  He served as a Lieut. in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (RN.V.R). He was a Sub- Lieut. from 1.12.1939 and Lieut. from 2.1.1940.

He was killed in action in the North Sea. He was in charge of the minesweeper, "Robert Bowen", when it was bombed and blown up by German bombers on 9th February 1940.  He is remembered with honour at the Lowestoft Naval War Memorial in Suffolk.

Bruce Comyn WILSON, born 11th May 1910.  He attended the Armidale School and then became a Grazier in Warwick, Queensland. In 1933, Bruce purchased the Brook property near Gore (Brooklyn Station) and stocked it with breeding ewes.  Bruce’s grandfather, Charles Graham Wilson, originally settled near Warwick when he came out from England in the 1860s.  

Bruce married Marjorie MacDOUGALL at St Stephen's Church, Macquarie Street, Sydney, in 1936.

Bruce died on 28th December 1988 and is buried in Point Clare Cemetery, NSW.

Pixie Joy WILSON, born about 1922.  She married John FOLEY on 14th June 1946, in Hampstead, London.

Adela B. Milford BARNETT, third daughter of John Barnett and Selena, born about 1885, in Ireland.  In the 1901 census, Adela is living at home with her parents.  In 1911 she appears as an “inmate” student in St Andrew’s Home, Fawcett Rd, Southsea, which specialized in the “Diocesan training for women”.  
Adela died on 20th May 1949 in Crossways Nursing Home, Weston-Super-Mare.  Her address was 58 Beach Road.  She is probably buried in Weston-Super-Mare.

J164) Higginson JOHNSTON youngest son of John & Maria Johnston, was born around 1790.  He was an attorney and qualified at the King's Inns, Dublin in 1816. He married Sarah HUTTON, daughter of Alderman Henry HUTTON & his first wife Elizabeth BARBER. The marriage took place in St Peter’s Church, Dublin on 29th  January 1810. 

Higginson died at n°134 rue Royale, Boulogne sur Mer, in France, on 11th June 1828, aged 38.   “A pencil copy from France” of Higginson Johnston’s will is in the National Archives in Dublin, dated 30th August 1826, in which Higginson instructs that the whole of his property is to be equally divided between his four children.

He requests his sister-in-law Susan Guinness, wife of John Grattan Guinness, and Mrs Thorpe, wife of the Rev Dr Thorpe, to take upon themselves the guardianship of his daughter Susan, and Dr Thorpe and his cousin Thomas Murray, Hope St, Liverpool, to take guardianship of his three sons.

On the death of Mrs Guinness, Higginson appoints, by Codicil dated 18th October 1827, Maria Johnston, “his very dear mother”, as one of the guardians of Susan.   Higginson & Sarah had four children :

J1641) Susan JOHNSTON.  She married Henry GRAVES, born 1797, on 2nd November 1833 in St George’s Church, Dublin.  They lived in Hollybrook Park, Dublin and later in Fishergate, Preston in Lancashire.
Henry GRAVES died on 8th December 1862 in Fishergate.   They had eleven children:

Sarah Jane GRAVES



Adelaide Eliza GRAVES

Henry William GRAVES

William Percival GRAVES


Catherine GRAVES

Benjamin Champney GRAVES


Edmund Johnston GRAVES

J1642) Higginson JOHNSTON born around 1814. Educated in TCD, aged 20 in 1834.  Higginson died on 7th November 1879 at Farnham House, Dublin.

Farnham House was built during the 18th century and was the home of Lord Farnham.  It was then sold to a Dr Duncan for use as an asylum, for the “treatment of the upper and middle classes”, though it is uncertain if Higginson was a long-term patient or merely there for a brief indisposition coincidental to his death.

Probate was granted to Higginson's niece, Anne Graves.

J1643) John JOHNSTON born around 1815. Educated in TCD, aged 17 in 1832

J1644) Henry JOHNSTON youngest son of Higginson & Sarah Johnston.  He married Sarah HOMAN in April 1839 in the parish church, Grangegorman, Co Dublin.

Henry died in January 1884, late of 54 Lower Mountpleasant Avenue, Rathmines.  Probate was granted to his niece, Anne Graves..

J17) Mary JOHNSTON, seventh child of Benjamin Johnston and Mary Weld, born 29th December 1750. 

J18) Elizabeth JOHNSTON,
born 11th May 1752

J19) Anne JOHNSTON, tenth child of Benjamin Johnston and Mary Weld, born 22nd October 1753, married Jonathan SISSON - second son of Jonathan SISSON, Linen Printer and Bleacher of Lucan, and Catherine Marie née LEFEBURE, in Tallaght, Dublin on 23rd September 1775. Anne’s husband was a Linen Printer and Merchant. They lived in 20 Charlemont Street, Dublin. Jonathan died, intestate, about 1829.   
Anne and Jonathan had eight children:

Jonathan Sisson b 1777  Jonathan Sisson - born 1777
Jonathan SISSON, born about 1777 married Sarah DUNNE in Taney (Dundrum), Dublin on 18th September 1805.  He became a Free Citizen of Dublin, 1810, (Weavers’ Guild, which he represented in the Court of Common Council 1829-35).  They lived at 20  Charlemont St, Dublin until the late 1830s when they moved to N°40 Ontario Terrace, Grand Canal, Upper Charlemont St.  Jonathan died there in 1849. Once widowed, Sarah emigrated to Canada to join her children there.  She lived with her daughter Mary Anna.   Sarah died in Belleville, Ontario on 21st September 1855, aged 78 and is buried in St Mary Magdalene Cemetery, Napanee, Ontario. Jonathan and Sarah had 3 children:

Jonathan SISSON, born around 1808, a Free Citizen of Dublin, 1849. There is the following entry in the Freedoms records of Dublin :  “Jonathan Sisson of Ontario Terrace, Rathmines, admitted by birth, as son of Jonathan Sisson, admitted Michaelmas 1810, 1849”, (Archives Division, City Hall, Dublin).

Mary Anna SISSON, born in Dublin in 1811.  She married at Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 1841 George FILLITER of Thurlow, near Belleville, Ontario. George came to Canada circa 1830, originally from Dorset, England. He resided in Belleville and its immediate vicinity, with one brief interval, for forty-five years.  He was a rancher, taking his farm in Thurlow about 1834 and later Lt Colonel, (1863), of the Hastings Militia in Belleville.  He also served his community for many years as Justice of the Peace.  George died on 29th April 1880.  Mary Anna followed her late mother’s example,  by leaving home in Canada and going to live with her married daughter in England, at Bradley Hall, Ashbourne, Derbyshire.  She died on the 24th November 1890.  She and George had four children :

George Sisson FILLITER, born in 1842 in Thurlow, Belleville, Ontario.   He was sent to England, as were all his siblings, to be educated, where he remained.  Ordained in the Church of England, he became Vicar of Ryhill,and then Master of Holgate, both in the West Riding of Yorkshire.   In 1877 he married Emily Violette BRAMELD, née HURT, daughter of the Rev. George William Hurt.  They had 3 children :

Violette Kathleen FILLITER, born in 1878 at Ashton, Lancs and who died at Parkstone, Dorset in 1964.  She married in 1907, Geoffrey Colley MARCH, MRCS; LRCP (London), formerly of Southampton, latterly of Abbotsbury, Dorset.  He died in 1922.  They had a son :

Richard Anthony Colley MARCH, 1913-1990.  He died unmarried.

George William FILLITER, M.A. (Oxon), born in 1879 at Ashton, Lancs.  He was an architect in Manchester.  He died, unmarried, in 1960.

Clavell Bernard Sisson FILLITER, 1881-1883

Mary Sarah FILLITER, born on the 8th June 1844 in Thurlow, Ontario.  Educated in England, she remained there.  She married on the 7th August 1867 at St George’s, Hanover Square, Bloomsbury, George Moore DIXON of The Manor House, Corfe Castle, later of Bradley Hall, Derbyshire, J.P.  The service was conducted by the groom’s brother-in-law, the Rev William Brown, DD., Rector of St Cuthbert’s Stella, Blaydon on Tyne, Northumberland.  Mary Sarah died on 21st November 1923.   They had five children :

Mary Elizabeth DIXON, born 21st May 1868 at The Manor House, Corfe Castle, Dorset.  She was a companion to her widowed mother until the latter’s death.  Mary then lived near her maternal cousins in Parkstone, Dorset, from 1923 until her death, unmarried, on 29th April 1951.

George Thomas DIXON, formerly of Bradley Hall, Derbyshire, Commissioner of Livestock, Board of Agriculture & Fisheries, England and Wales, O.B.E.  George was born 25th March 1873 at Bradley Hall.  Educated at Repton, he experienced considerable ill-health when 17 years old. A doctor recommended the Tropics, so George went to train in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) to be a tea planter.  Nearly losing his life there, another doctor recommended an extremely cold, dry climate !  George travelled to the North West Territory of Canada, where he became a salmon fisherman.  His illness, undiagnosed tuberculosis, never troubled him again. Serving next in the North-West Mounted Police, he experienced police work during the gold rush in the adjoining Yukon.  Latterly, he became a rancher with a friend at Bowness Ranch, near Calgary, Alberta.  He returned to England on his father’s death.  Selling his estate in 1910, he joined the Forestry Commission, moving later to the Board of Agriculture & Fisheries, where he became a Livestock Inspector.  Promoted to head that department as the Commissioner for England and Wales, he was awarded for his services in the New Year’s Honours List, 1931, with the O.B.E., (Civil Division).  Retiring in 1938, he was recalled to serve as Land Commissioner, Devon & Cornwall, 1939-1940.  George died at Grange-in-Borrowdale, Cumberland on 9th February 1951.  He had married at Tiverton, Devon, on 17th January 1911, Hilda Marian EGREMONT, daughter of Edgar J. Egremont.  The service was conducted by his cousin, the Rev. William D. Filliter.  George and Hilda had two children :

William George Moore DIXON, Major in the Regular Army, late of The Sherwood Foresters, he married Hope May DE GRUCHY.  They have descendants.

Elizabeth Mary DIXON. 
She married Lt Colonel John Patrick DE MOLEYNS WILKINSON.  They have descendants.    

Winifred Jane DIXON, born at Bradley Hall on 29th August 1874 and died Ist January 1950 at Wimborne, Dorset, where she is buried.  She married at St John’s, Chester, on 12th December 1899, James Cautley ATKINSON, latterly of Colwyn Bay, Solicitor.  They had no issue.

Ida Harriet DIXON, born at Bradley Hall on 8th November 1875 and died at Fenny Bentley, near Ashbourne, on 10th November 1962.  She married at All Saints’ Church, Bradley, on 7th September 1898, Edmund Paley STEPHENSON, C. Eng.  The marriage was conducted by the groom’s father, the Rev. Robert Stephenson, assisted by the bride’s uncle, the Rev. George Sisson Filliter and the rector !!   Paley Stephenson had the good fortune to not need to pursue a profession, so had been for some years what was then called a “gentleman rider”.  He was killed when he broke his neck, eleven months after marrying, in a steeplechase fall. They had no issue.

Jane Moore DIXON,
born at Bradley Hall on 20th October 1876 and died, unmarried, at Warden-on-Tyne, Northumberland, where she lived with relatives, on 28th February 1941.

Clavell Freeland FILLITER, born on the 19th January 1847 in Thurlow, Ontario.  Educated in England, he had a military career and became a Lieutenant on 28th October 1871, serving in the Army until 1889.  Capt. 2nd West Indies Regt., and later of The Bedfordshire Regt., Clavell served with particular gallantry and distinction in the Ashanti War, as recorded in the footnotes in each successive Army List from 1874 until his retirement.  He was sent as Special Commissioner in 1873 to King Solomon of Domonassie, whose assistance to the British in this war was vital.  He later fought and was wounded in the Battle of Pecabio, the 27th October 1873 but went on to fight in the battles of Assanchi,(3rd November that year), Amoaful, (31st January 1874) and Becquah, (1st February 1874).   After the successful conclusion of the war, the government of the day disbanded the 2nd Battalion, West Indies Regiment.  Clavell, a Captain from the 25th September 1877, joined the Bedfordshire Regiment.  Stationed in Enniskillen, Ireland, then in India, his next battle experience was in Burma in 1885.   The British “Burma Expedition” of that year ended with the annexation of Upper Burma in January 1886.  Back again in Rangoon, Clavell was appointed Adjutant of the newly raised Rangoon Mounted Rifle Volunteers and “Assistant Cantonment Magistrate”, (Rangoon), the 18th September 1885.  Whilst in that city, family information records his having founded “The Gymkhana Club”.  (His great nephew, Captain “Bill” Dixon, with the 2nd Chindit Expedition in 1944, fought about sixty years later over much the same terrain, on this occasion as part of the struggle to free Burma from Japanese occupation.)   Clavell F. Filliter married in Jamaica, at the headquarters of the West Indies Regt.,  on the 19th April 1876, Ida Allice NUNES.  Clavell died without issue.

Henry Edmund FILLITER, born 3rd May 1852 in Thurlow, Ontario.  Educated in both England and Canada, he was a partner in “Filliter & Holden”, Brokers, Belleville.  He married on the 16th June 1873 in Belleville, Ida Agnes E. HOLDEN, daughter of E. Holden Esq., of a family long-settled in Canada, having migrated there in 1799 from the United States.  They had four children :

, born 16th March 1874 and died in 1967.    She married I896, Henry W. POLLOCK, who died in 1939.     They had two sons, (one engaged in banking, Bank of Montreal, the other dying aged 26) and a daughter, none of whom married.

Clavell George FILLITER, 1876 – 1877.

Ida Nina Christian Bernard FILLITER
, born in 1880 in Belleville, Ontario and died on 28th September 1978 at Shoreham Village, Chester, Nova Scotia.  She married on 10th October 1899, Charles S. STROUD.  They had a son and three daughters and have descendants in Canada.

George FILLITER, O.B.E., born 18th March 1885 in Belleville, Ontario and died 31st August 1973 at Moncton, New Brunswick.  Orphaned at the age of five, he went to live in England with his aunt, Mary Sarah Dixon, née Filliter, at Bradley Hall, Derbyshire from 1891 to 1897, attending boarding school and spending holidays with his aunt and uncle.  He then went to college in Canada and entered the Bank of Montreal in 1903.  By 1913, he was Manager, (Magog branch).  He was afterwards Manager at Woodstock, N.B., (1918), Charlottetown (1925) and Moncton (1932), retiring in 1946.  In the latter part of his career, he travelled as a Bank Inspector for the Bank of Montreal to Mexico and New York City.  George’s civic service was extensive.  Amongst the many committees he chaired in New Brunswick, was the Citizens’ War Service Committee.  He was awarded the O.B.E.,(Civil Division), on 1st July 1946 for meritorious service organising and regulating the activities of the various war service organisations in the area.  George married on 7th October 1911 at Quebec City, Julia Blanche HALL, daughter of William Charles John Hall and his wife Amy Adele, née Forsyth.  They had four sons, one of whom died at a young age.   Their three surviving sons all came once more to Europe, on this occasion engaged in active service, (George Richard Forsyth Filliter as a Major, 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade, for which he received the M.B.E.; David Forsyth Filliter D.S.M. as a Captain, 2nd Field Regt., Royal Canadian Artillery and Brian Forsyth Filliter as an Air Gunner, R.C.A.F.)  They all have descendants in Canada.

Edmund Johnston SISSON, born abt 1815 was a Barrister.  He was admitted to the Freedom of Dublin on 22nd August 1846 : “Edmund Johnston Sisson of Upper Charlemont Street, admitted a Free Citizen of Dublin by marriage to the daughter of Thomas Cornwell, himself a Free Citizen”.  His wife, née Mary CORNWALL died not long afterwards.   He married, secondly, Mary JUDGE, daughter of John Chapman JUDGE and Emily SINNETT, by License on 30th November 1848. They emigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1849 and settled in Belleville, Ontario, joining Edmund’s sister Mary Anna & her husband.  When in Canada, Edmund found a second profession as a Notary Public.  He died on 17th April 1898 and Mary on 5th April 1915. Edmund and Mary had five children:

Mary Emily SISSON born abt 1851

Jonathan Judge SISSON
, born 24th April 1852, was a Civil Engineer. He married Jane BATESON and they lived briefly in Toronto. In 1881 he had returned to live with his parents in Belleville. He died on 28th October 1931 in Belleville, a widower.   Jonathan and Jane had issue, one of whom :

Ethel Blanche Mary SISSON born 5th April 1880.

Catherine Lefebure SISSON, born about 1858, married Thomas Edwin DRINKWATER of Medicine Hat, North West Territory, on 30th April 1880.

Hester Anna SISSON
born 26th September 1862, lived in Belleville with her brother Jonathan until his death.

Elizabeth Mauvillain SISSON
married Albert OLVER M.D. of Medicine Hat, North West Territory.

Benjamin Johnston SISSON, born around 1782/1784.  He was a wool merchant with his brother Jonathan, and features in Dublin directories as “B.J. Sisson & Co., Merchants, 12 Fleet St”.  From 1815 he resided at 16 Upper Merrion Street, moving by 1832 to Molesworth Street.  He was a member of Dublin’s Court of Common Council from 1829 to 1831.  He is not known to have married. He died 7th August 1849, aged 67. He is buried in Kilgobbin, Co Dublin.

Catherine SISSON, born about 1785, married John A. STEPHENSON in St Peter’s Church, Dublin on 5th September 1806.  John Stephenson had already died by 1828 as Catherine is referred to in her uncle Edmond Johnston’s will (J15) as a widow with two children.

Anna SISSON, born circa 1788, she  married George WYBRANTS on 22nd July 1806. He was a joiner, carpenter and house builder in Dublin.  George died in 1831 and Anna in 1847.  At the time of her death, Anna was living in Bloomfield, South Circular Road, Dublin.  They are buried in Derrylossory Old Graveyard, Co. Wicklow.They had issue:

George Sisson WYBRANTS,  born about 1809, educated in Dublin and  admitted to study for the degree of Barrister at the King’s Inns, Trinity Term 1832.  He sat the final exam in 1841 and practised from that time onwards in Dublin as a Solicitor.  

George married,firstly, Esther Anne BLAYNEY, on 2nd April 1839 in St Peter's Church, Dublin. She was the only daughter of William Blayney, solicitor.  Esther died in January 1858.  He married secondly Mary SWAN née CHAMNEY, daughter of Henry Chamney, in St Peter’s Church, Dublin on 2nd October 1861.  George died in Rathdown, Co Dublin in 1867, aged 58.

George had issue with his first wife :

George WYBRANTS, born 24th January 1843, baptised 30th March 1843. George was one of over 300 passengers lost in the wreck of The Royal Charter in October 1859.  The ship was returning from Melbourne, Australia to Liverpool and, after a brief stop in Cobh, co Cork, (Queenstown), it sailed into, what is considered to be, the worst storm of the 19th century in the Irish Sea just off Anglesey, Wales.

Emily WYBRANTS, baptised 17th December 1844.

Annette WYBRANTS, born 1847

Esther Anne WYBRANTS, born 1849. Esther appears in the 1861 British census with her two sisters living in the Mansion House, Islington as pupils.

She married Constantine Ethelbert CHARLTON on 4th January 1871 in the Presbyterian Church, Shepton Mallet, Somerset. (Her uncle, Jonathan Wybrants, lived in Shepton Mallet.)

Constantine & 'Essie Anne' emigrated to Canada after their wedding.  He was a Mariner, based in York, Ontario.  Later he became a distiller. At the time of his youngest daughter’s birth, he was a Post Office clerk.

Constantine died in 1908 in San Francisco aged 62.  Essie died in 1913.

Margaret Essienne Ethel CHARLTON, born December 1871She married Louis H. PICKARD in Toronto, Ontario in 1894.

Muriel PICKARD, born 1896.  She married Herbert LEAR in 1914.

Lily Marion CHARLTON, born 12th April 1873

Hester Beatrice CHARLTON, born 1874

Emily Louisa Annetta CHARLTON, born 25th March 1876

Constantine Ethelbert CHARLTON, born 1878.  Constantine was an oiler in the U.S. Navy in WW1 and was an invalid afterwards so he was granted a pension.  He died in 1926.

Jessie Muriel CHARLTON,  1880-1883

The Charlton family moved to San Francisco in 1883, where another son was born:

Reginald Earl CHARLTON, 1883-1929


John WYBRANTS, born about 1813.  He emigrated to New South Wales in 1839 as a steerage passenger on the s.s. Strathfieldsaye.  He lived there until 185 when, attracted by the gold-digging excitement, he arrived in Bendigo.  He worked as a miner in various parts of the district before turning to quartz mining.  John Wybrants held a claim known as the North Old Chum Company.

John died in October 1878, aged 65.  The Bendigo Advertiser published an obituary in which he is described as a truly generous warm-hearted citizen. He left several legacies to charitable institutions in Australia and also one of £500 to be distributed amongst the poor of Dublin, his native city. 

Harriet WYBRANTS, born about 1814.  She emigrated to Australia with her brother Frederick in 1853.  She married Thomas LOWDEN the same year in Victoria.  Thomas died in May 1880, aged 72.  He is buried in Heathcote cemetery, Victoria.  Harriet came back to Ireland and died there in March  1901, aged 87.  

They had a daughter :

Anna LOWDEN, born and died  in Collwood, Victoria in 1858

William WYBRANTS, born 30th July 1815.  He was a J.P., living at Ashton Park, Co Wexford when he married Mary Ellen PORTER on 13th November 1849 at St Peter's Church, Dublin. William died in July 1895.   Mary died in Dublin, aged 80, in 1902.  They had issue, a son and two daughters :

William Sisson WYBRANTS, born 29th January 1863.

Mary Susan WYBRANTS, married William John GERRARD on 8th May 1883.  William was the son of the Reverend George Samuel Gerrard. Like his father, he was a Church of Ireland minister and, at the time of his marriage he was living at Ballycanew Glebe house, Co Wexford and he was rector of St Mogue's Church.

Anna Florence WYBRANTS married Thomas QUINN 3rd quarter 1887.


Anne WYBRANTS, youngest daughter of  George Wybrants, Bloomfield, South Circular Road, Dublin, married James William HALL in St Peter’s Church on 15th October 1835.  Her witness was William Figgis.  They had issue :

William George HALL, born in October 1839

Anna Maria Lucy HALL, born in February 1842

Mary Emily HALL, widow LYNCH, 62 Rathmines Road, Dublin married secondly Alexander AGNEW on 14th July 1891.  Alexander, son of Daniel Agnew, was born about 1848 in Templepatrick, Co Antrim.  He was a tea merchant and his address was The Emerald Hotel, Dublin  The bride's witness was F. Wybrants. 

There is a prison record for Alexander Agnew, Kilmainham Prison, dated 1894 for assault on his wife …  Mary Emily Agnew died in 1898.  Probate granted in January 1899 to her husband Alexander and her brother Frederick Hall.

Frederick Wybrants AGNEW, born & died 1892

James Alexander Wybrants AGNEW, born 24th October 1893, baptised 6th December 1893, in Rathmines Parish Church, Dublin. James died in 1919. 

Frederick HALL, born 14th February 1864 in Limerick. He was a doctor, general practitioner and surgeon.  He married Mary Agnes SMITH.  She was born in Glasgow in 1869.  In the 1891 census they are living in Newchurch, Lancs. Frederick & Mary had five children, all born in Bacup, Lancs.

Agnes Hamilton HALL, born 1893

Frederick HALL, born 1895

John Wybrants HALL, 1896-1975. John was a motor engineer.  He married Elizabeth Jane HUGHES in the Parish Church, Rhoscolyn, Anglesey, Wales in June 1924.

Marion HALL born 1898

Anna HALL, born 1900

Jonathan WYBRANTS, born 1818.  He studied medicine in Aberdeen and for many years he was coroner for the Eastern Division of Somerset, based in Shepton Mallet.  Jonathan married Mary BATH in January 1844.  They had nine children.  Mary died in November 1866, aged 43.

John WYBRANTS, born in 1846,died in May 1865, aged 19.

Robert Bath WYBRANTS, born 1848. He graduated at Cambridge at the early age of 19 and soon afterwards he went to Dublin to study medicine. He became M.R.C.S. in 1871 and in 1873 was appointed House Surgeon to the Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital.  In 1875 Robert became Medical Officer to the Wincanton Union Infirmary and commenced practice.  He was of a generous disposition and his jovial manner endeared him to a large circle of patients.  He had a bright future in front of him but, owing to failing health, he was obliged to resign his appointments.

Robert married Caroline Brunton COOPER in April 1877.  He died of tuberculosis in 1890, aged 42. Caroline died in 1919.  They had issue :

John Holman WYBRANTS, born 1879. In the 1901 census John was an art student at The Royal Academy. He married Olive Euphemia CRISP, in St John's Wood, London in 1906. During the First World War, John was a Second Lieutenant with the 3rd London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers).  He died in France on 30th July 1918 and is buried in Mont Huon Military Cemetery, Le Tréport, Normandy. He was awarded the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.

John & Olive had four children : 

John_Hetley_WybrantsJohn Hetley WYBRANTS, born 1907.  An officer and pilot instructor, John was stationed at St Eval, Cornwall, a strategic RAF base, during the second World War.  He was flying Beauforts with the 217 Squadron and was killed in action on 12th February 1941. He is buried in Kerfautras Cemetery, Brest, France

Robert Hope WYBRANTS, born 1909.  He married Dorothy Maude MORTLOCK in December 1941.  He died in March 1980.

Blanca M. D. WYBRANTS, born 1911

Joan Olive WYBRANTS, born 1912. She died in Tunbridge Wells in April 1992.

Mary WYBRANTS, born & died 1849

Mary WYBRANTS, born & died 1851

Emily Ann WYBRANTS, born & died 1852

Mary Harriett WYBRANTS, born 1853, died 1865

Frederick William WYBRANTS, born 1855   

Emily Charlotte WYBRANTS, born in 1856.  She married Francis J. Hart, eldest son of James Hart, on 8th January 1879.

Amy Ann WYBRANTS, born 1861, died 1862 

Jonathan married secondly Anne Pynsent MATTHEW in December 1867.  They had a daughter in July 1869. Jonathan died in 1883.  

Mary Pynsent WYBRANTS.  She married Henry Julius THIELEN on 21st July 1925 in Menton, Alpes Maritimes, France and was widowed by 1930.  Mary was Henry’s second wife, he had married previously Theodora Prieth.   Mary died aged 82 in 1951 in Wells, Somerset.

Frederick WYBRANTS, born about 1819.  He emigrated to Australia with his sister Harriet on the s.s. Lorena, arriving in Melbourne in February 1853. He worked with his brother John as a miner.  He returned to Ireland with his sister Harriet.  He died in Dublin at the Richmond Hospital in March 1897.  His address at the time of his death was 49a Leinster Road, Rathmines.

Harriett SISSON married Valentine DUNNE in 1824, second son of Valentine DUNNE and Barbara SINNOTT. Valentine was a solicitor. In 1842 they lived at 12 Charleville Mall, Dublin.

Eliza SISSON married Charles DUNNE in 1825.  They lived at N°4 Charleville Mall, Dublin.

Amelia SISSON married John HALL in 1825.

William SISSON, born 1796.  He matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, as a pensioner 18th October 1823.  He was in 1826 Deputy Librarian at Marsh’s Library, Dublin.  He married Mary (?) some time before 1841, when they were living in the High St., Queenborough, Kent.  William was a schoolmaster there.  In the 1851 Census, he is still a schoolmaster, living in Wolverhampton, where he died in 1854.  They had no known issue.

(The above information about Anne Johnston's descendants was compiled with the help of Guy Dixon and Niall Sisson's website

J1T) Matthew JOHNSTON, born 17 March 1756, died young

J1E) Jane JOHNSTON, eighth child of Benjamin Johnston and Mary Weld, married John Gunstan Holmes. Jane Holmes of Richmond Hill, Rathmines, died around 1843. They had three children:



Maria HOLMES, born in Dublin about 1784. Maria married William FIGGIS. She was living at 12 King Edward Rd, South Hackney, England, when she died on 26th November 1873, aged 89. Maria and William had 12 children:

Jane Ester FIGGIS, married James Gibbons Wilson -

See the Holmes / Wilson / Figgis sub-page - click here

Susan FIGGIS, married Purcell

Maria FIGGIS, married Richard Hicks, died leaving two sons

Samuel FIGGIS, born around 1816 in Dublin. He married Sarah Smith in 1843 in St Alphage, London. They had 7 children. Samuel died in 1879 in Australia. Sarah died in 1893.

For the full story of the family of Samuel Figgis please see the Holmes/ Wilson / Figgis sub-page attached

Thomas FIGGIS, born around 1817. Emigrated to Tasmania. Married Anna Moore in 1874. Died in Launceston, Tasmania in 1893

William FIGGIS

Elizabeth FIGGIS, married John Nathaniel St Georges (St Georgio) in St Peter's Church, Dublin on 30th July 1841.

Anna FIGGIS, married Benjamin Smith (Samuel Figgis' wife's brother) in 1843 in St Alphage, London.

John FIGGIS, died, no children

Margaret FIGGIS, second wife of Richard Hicks, married 2nd Quarter 1854 in Hackney

Edmund Johnston FIGGIS, born 1821

Emma FIGGIS, born around 1825. Emigrated to Australia. Died in State of Victoria in 1891.

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